Parsons Paris

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  • Margaux Salgado '17

    IMG - Margaux Salgado

    How is it being a French student at an American university in Paris?
    Being a French student at Parsons Paris made me rediscover the city.

    Why did you choose Art, Media, and Technology for your major?
    I picked Art, Media, and Technology [AMT] for my major because, unlike programs at other universities, this program gave me the opportunity to explore a larger variety of topics, from graphic design to coding. These different classes helped me to be more curious about similar topics, and I now feel that my professional toolbox has no limit.

    What were your favorite classes?
    Dynamic Sound and Performance
    Global Media Activism

    How has having access to the Make Lab affected your studies?
    Having the opportunity to work with the laser cutter in the Make Lab changed my practice as an aspiring artist, opening up a new realm of possibilities. I used it for most of the projects I did at Parsons Paris, and seeing how other students use the machine is always so inspiring. Access to the Make Lab is nothing without the support of the amazing technical team running it, who are always there to give great advice on how to do more successful projects.

    How have you been involved in the Parsons Paris Gallery?
    As a freshman, I worked as the gallery assistant for a semester with the gallery manager, helping with installation and other events that take place at Parsons Paris. The following semester, my involvement with the Parsons Paris Gallery was focused on graphic design: I designed the exhibition catalogs for numerous shows. I also participated in a show that was a collaboration with a History of Design and Curatorial Studies graduate student.

    Did you have any internship experience?
    I had the chance to intern at the Galerie Allen in Paris. I also worked as a research assistant for AMT program director Benjamin Gaulon. While studying abroad, I worked at Endless Edition, an NYC-based imprint.

    How was studying in New York different from studying in Paris?
    I decided to study abroad in NYC because I felt as if my Parsons experience wouldn't be complete if I didn't experience the life of a student at the main campus in NYC. Spending a semester at Parsons New York was overall a great opportunity and experience. I find it really hard to compare or contrast the two campuses; they have very different energies. While Parsons Paris is a much more intimate campus, Parsons New York finds its strength in the diversity of students. The differences between the campuses are their strengths. Looking back on my semester in NYC, I can say without hesitation that this experience made me fully realize that my heart belongs to Parsons Paris.

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    Unique. Parsons Paris is a rich community of talented students from all over the world. As a student, you get to learn a lot from your professors, but being surrounded by international students is the best learning experience.