Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Yoriko Kukita '17

    IMG - Yoriko Kukita

    Why did you decide to study at Parsons Paris?
    Studying in Paris meant diving into a completely different environment on my own, a great opportunity to both reflect on and challenge my ways of thinking. Having been brought up in cross-cultural environments (Bangladesh, New York, Japan) throughout my life, I value study abroad experiences such as this because it allows me to cultivate cultural awareness and strengthen my identity as an individual and designer.

    Favorite classes:
    Design Studio
    Specialised Studio
    Fashion and Crafts

    What activities did you participate in at Parsons Paris?
    Paris Fashion Week! The school has a partnership with InDigital Media/, which allows us to take part in a unique experience at Fashion Week every season. I have worked backstage as a dresser at Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer 2016 collection, assisted at Parsons alumnus Ximon Lee’s RTW Fall 2016 show, and attended some others as a guest. It’s amazing to see the details of garments and creativity that goes into creating a show.

    How did living and studying in Paris affect your experience?
    Language barriers and cultural differences have been difficulties while studying in Paris, but have taught me patience. Otherwise, I have been able to meet and collaboratively work with many wonderful and creative people. They all come from different backgrounds and have broadened my perspective on work and life.

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    Intimate, freeing, and pleasantly slow paced. Of course, being a fashion design student requires endurance, patience, and consistent hard work, but the smaller size of our community allows a certain flexibility and understanding among peers and professors that is different from the experience at Parsons in New York. It's really quite lovely studying here.

    What does studying fashion in Paris mean to you?
    I have learned that Paris and its people have a long history of appreciating and pursuing a constant progression in aesthetics. The old, new, strange, and familiar reside in a harmony unique to this beautiful city. Light from the sun and streetlamps dances; the bread and produce are excellent. All the joys of life are around to remind me every day that this is why I want to design clothes—to bring joy to the lives of others.