Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Lior Fisher Shiloni '17

    IMG - Lior Fisher Shiloni

    Why did you decide to study at Parsons Paris?
    Parsons Paris combines all the elements I was looking for in a school: both the opportunity to study in Paris, and the possibility of taking classes in English instead of French, which makes my life much easier.  The Strategic Design and Management program the school offers is not available in any university in Israel, so it was a great opportunity for me. And of course Parsons is a brand and a name you want have on your CV when you graduate.

    Favorite classes:
    Fashion Curation
    Financial Management

    What activities did you participate in at Parsons Paris?
    I got the chance to participate in some really interesting lectures and hear professionals talk about their work and the industry.

    How did living and studying in Paris affect your experience?
    I’ve been living in Paris for the past five years and love the city. I think it’s inspiring. Studying here gave me the opportunity to get to know the creative industry from up close. There is always something happening here, whether it is Fashion Week, a gallery opening, or some other cool event.  

    Did you have any internship experience?
    I got the chance to intern during Paris Fashion Week at the Mary Katrantzou showroom, which was fun but superintense. I have just finished doing an internship at Trend Union. I am working with the team responsible for their online platform, Trend Tablet, mainly on research and writing posts featuring young artists, trends, and interesting events around the world.

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    I love the fact that everything is small scale and intimate. You get to really know your peers and professors on the personal level, and that’s often a big advantage.

    What unique opportunities have you had studying at Parsons Paris?
    More than anything, my program is the ultimate combination between the business side of the design and fashion and the creative aspect of it. Though technically my program is more focused on operations and management, during my studies I have had the opportunity to take superinteresting fashion-oriented courses and go to fashion shows, events that are usually available only to fashion design students.