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    Morgan Connellee '16

    Why did you decide to study at Parsons Paris?
    I wanted to experience Parsons in a new city.

    How long did you stay as a mobility student?
    I came for the spring semester and stayed about five months.

    Favorite class:
    My favorite class was This Is Not An Object, taught by Professor Emmanuel Guy. It’s an art and design history course that explores the role of the object in the 20th century. I chose “the box” as my research focus and studied many boxes created by artists including Joseph Cornell and Fluxus artists. At the end of the class, I wrote an essay that told a story of the 20th century through the format of the box. Emmanuel really stretched my skills as an art critic and a writer.

    What activities did you take part in at Parsons Paris?
    I gave a lecture at the Parsons Paris Student Symposium with three other MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies students, which was a truly amazing experience. The setting was intimate, so many students and faculty came to listen and ask questions and support our research. I also worked closely with students in the BFA Fashion Design program. I did a little modeling for students making junior year capsule collection lookbooks. I loved watching my friends work on their clothing and see their craft, and it was so cool to be a part of their vision. I also had the honor of collaborating with Fashion Director Jasonpaul McCarthy and the nine senior BFA Fashion Design students in designing the publication for the senior thesis fashion show. I was inspired by the students and their creativity and was challenged as a designer to make a book specific to the show but capturing the style of each student’s collection. In the end, it was so rewarding to volunteer at the show and see their collections come to life on the runway.

    How did living in Paris affect your experience?
    I learned about Paris mostly from observing people. Parisians have their own joie de vivre, their own way of life, where it is important to take breaks and to reflect on the day. I found myself taking my time in my studies, working more slowly and methodically. It was a nice change of pace for me after living in New York City, where everything is go! go! go!

    How would you describe your experience at Parsons Paris?
    It was a time of personal and creative growth.