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Mission Statement

"Page after page of professional economic journals are filled with mathematical formulas leading the reader from sets of more or less plausible but entirely arbitrary assumptions to precisely stated but irrelevant theoretical conclusions´┐Ż. Year after year economic theorists continue to produce scores of mathematical models and to explore in great detail their formal properties; and the econometricians fit algebraic functions of all possible shapes to essentially the same sets of data without being able to advance, in any perceptible way, a systematic understanding of the structure and the operations of a real economic system."

Wassily Leontief, 1973 Nobel Memorial Prize Winner in Economic Science.*

At a time of declining representation of critical thinking in economics, the New School Economic Review aims to be a student-run journal with a content influenced by the history and tradition of the New School.

New School's history points to a multidisciplinary and heterodox approach to the social sciences. The early Classical thinkers - Smith, Ricardo and Marx - realized that the study of economics must be the study of political economy - economics within a social and political context. In keeping with this tradition, the New School Economic Review will serve as a medium for critical thinking in economics but with a multidisciplinary perspective encompassing all the social sciences. Furthermore, the NSER will aim to develop a forum for professors, practitioners, and students to discuss current issues in the discipline of economics while sharing insights from other disciplines, as well as debating world political and social affairs.

  *W. Leontief (1982) Letter in Science, Issue 217, p104; taken from
       T. Lawson (1997) Economics and Reality, Routledge, London, p4.

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