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  • Alumni and Student News

    Students and alumni are welcome to provide the Politics Department with updates on achievements, including promotions, publications, conference talks, and more. 

    Postdoctoral Fellowships

    2012 - Lisa Bjorkman
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute, University of Goettingen (2011-2014).

    2006 - Marta Nunes Da Costa
    Director of a project, Redefining Democracy for the XXI Century, at Universidade do Minho, Portugal. Financed by Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia, Ministério da Ciência, Portugal (2010-2013).

    ABD - Matthew Hoye
    Postdoctoral Fellowship, European University Institute (2012-2014).

    2011 - Brian Milstein
    Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften) in Bad Homburg, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (2013).

    2012 - Benjamin Neinass
    Postdoctoral Fellowship, Fondation de la Maison de sciences de l'homme in Paris (2013-2014).

    2008 - Michael Lee Smith
    Principal Investigator for the project "Environmental Values, Beliefs and Behavior in the Czech Republic in Historical and Cross-National Perspective," funded by the Czech Science Foundation (2010-2012).

    Academic Promotions

    2007 - Fred Cocozzelli
    Associate Professor, St. John's University, New York.

    2010 - Guadalupe Correa Cabrera
    Associate Professor and Chair of the Government Department, University of Texas (Brownsville).

    1999 - Rita Kiki Edozie
    Associate Professor, James Madison College, Michigan State University.

    2013 - Brian Jefferson
    Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Parkside (Politics, Philosophy and Law).

    2003 - Jason Kosnoski
    Associate Professor, University of Michigan Flint.

    1999 - Joseph Luders
    Associate Professor, David and Ruth Gottesman Chair, Yeshiva University.

    2004 - William Mello
    Associate Professor of Labor Studies, Indiana University, Kokomo.

    2002 - Will Morrisey
    Professor, Hillsdale College.

    2002 - Robert Pallitto
    Associate Professor, Seton Hall University, New Jersey.

    2003 - Sherrow Pinder
    Associate Professor, University of California, Chico.

    2004 - Phil Triadfilopoulos
    Associate Professor, University of Toronto.

    2012 - Natasha Vanderzwan
    Fellow, Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labor Studies, University of Amsterdam.

    2006 - Denise Walsh
    Associate Professor, University of Virginia.

    2007 - Myra Waterbury
    Associate Professor, Ohio University.

    2006 - Christiane Wilke
    Associate Professor of Law, Carleton University (Ottawa).


    2001 - Albena Azmanova (PhD)
    The Scandal of Reason: A Theory of Critical Political Judgment (Columbia University Press, 2011).

    2004 - Sonia Arribas
    With H. Rouse: Egocracy (Berlin: Diaphanes Verlag, 2011).

    Nehal Bhuta (MA 2004, LLM 2005 (NYU), ABD)

    • "On Common Ground? Sharia and Human Rights" in Anver Emon, ed, On Common Ground: Islam and International Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)
    • "International Actors other than States" in Antonio Cassese, ed, The Future of International Law: For a Realistic Utopia (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).
    • "Indexes of State Failure" in Benedict Kingsbury, Sally Merry and Kevin Davis, eds, Indicators as Technologies of Global Governance (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).
      Editor, "Are Sovereigns Entitled to the Benefit of the Rule of Law?" Symposium, (2011) 22 European Journal of International Law.

    2010 - Rodrigo Chacon
    "Hannah Arendt in Weimar: Beyond the Theological-Political Predicament?" in L.V. Kaplan and R.J. Kosher (eds.), The Weimar Moment: Liberalism, Political Theology, and Law (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2012).

    2006 - Richard Gilman-Opalsky (PhD)

    • "Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy" (Brooklyn and London: Autonomedia, 2011);
    • "Beyond the Old Virtue of Struggle" (Rhizomes Journal, Number 23, 2012).
    • "Upheaval as Philosophy: Eleven Theses on Guy Debord," Left Curve: Journal of Art, Critical Culture, Theory and Politics, Number 35, April 2011).

    2010 - Matthew Gritter
    Mexican Incorporation: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants and the Origins of Anti-Discrimination Policy in Texas and the Southwest (Texas A&M University Press, 2012).

    2010 - Shelley Hurt (PhD)
    "Military's Hidden Hand: Examining the Dual-Use Origins of Biotechnology in the American Context, 1969-1972," in Fred Block and Matthew R. Keller, State of Innovation: U.S. Government's Role in Technology Development (Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2011).

    2008 - James Ingram (PhD)
    Radical Cosmopolitics: The Ethics and Politics of Democratic Universalism (Columbia University Press, 2012).

    2010 - Rosanne Kennedy
    Rousseau in Drag: Deconstructing Gender - Breaking Feminist Waves Series, ed. by Linda Alcoff and Gillian Howe (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2012).

    2012 - Josh Lerner (PhD)
    Making Democracy Fun: How Game Design Can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics (MIT Press, 2014).

    2000 - Carlos Pereira

    • With Singh, Shane; and Mueller, Bernardo, "Political Institutions, Policymaking, and Policy Stability," Latin American Politics and Society (Spring 2011).
    • With Raile, Eric D and Power, Timothy, "The Executive Toolbox: Building Legislative Support in Multiparty Presidential Regimes," Political Research Quarterly (June 2011).

    2003 - Sherrow Pinder (PhD)

    • The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Americanization, De-Americanization, and Racialized Ethnic Groups (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2010
    • Whiteness and Racialized Ethnic Groups in the United States: The Politics of Remembering (Lexington Books, 2011).

    2008 - Aylin Topal (PhD)

    • Neoliberalization by Decentralization: Local Development in Mexico (Ashgate 2012)
    • "Uneven Access to Local Power: Entrepreneurial Domination in the Design of Local Development in Chihuahua, Mexico," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, April 2011.

    2004 - Phil Triadafilopoulos (PhD)

    • Becoming Multicultural: Immigration and the Politics of Membership in Canada and Germany (University of British Columbia Press, 2012)
    • "Illiberal Means to Liberal Ends? Understanding Recent Immigrant Integration Policies in Europe," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, special issue on "The Limits of the Liberal State," Vol. 37, No. 6 (2011): pp. 861-888.
    • "The Limits of the Liberal State: Migration, Identity and Belonging in Europe" (co-authored with Fiona Adamson and Aristide Zolberg), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, special issue on "The Limits of the Liberal State," Vol. 37, No. 6 (2011): pp. 843-859.

    2001 - Nancy Wadsworth

    • Ambivalent Miracles: Evangelicals and the Politics of Racial Healing (University of Virginia Press, 2014)
    • Co-editor with Robin Jacobson of Faith and Race in American Political Life (University of Virginia Press, 2012).

    2006 - Christiane Wilke
    "Staging Violence, Staging Identities: Identity Politics in Domestic Prosecutions," in Arthur Paige, ed, Identities in Transition: Challenges for Transitional Justice in Divided Societies (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

    2005 - Priscilla Yamin
    American Marriage: A Political Institution (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012).