• Welcome to the Online MATESOL Program

    Congratulations on your acceptance into The New School’s Master of Arts program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL).

    Lesley Painter-Farrell
    Lesley Painter-Farrell, Director

    My name is Lesley Painter-Farrell, and I’m the director of the MATESOL program. I would like to warmly welcome you to The New School, to the program, and to the start of your online graduate studies. This is the beginning of a great adventure.

    We are very proud of the MATESOL for many reasons: the faculty, including renowned authors and ESOL professionals such as Jeremy Harmer and ELTon award winner Scott Thornbury; the experiential curriculum; and, of course, our students. We have students from all over the world, including Japan, Poland, Colombia, and Canada, who are all part of a vibrant, collegial community.

    To kick off your studies, we hold a one-week online orientation before the semester begins in Canvas, our virtual learning platform. This orientation will cover a variety of topics, including what will be expected of you throughout the program, what it is like to study online, how to access the online library, and so forth. The orientation is an excellent way to get to know other students in the program and to ensure that you have all the information you need to start your journey. Many of our continuing students join in and offer helpful advice and tips. Indeed, many students who meet at the orientation stage remain friends throughout the program and beyond.

    Over the next few days, using your NetID, access my.newschool.edu, the university’s Web portal. Familiarize yourself with this portal. You can access everything here, including your New School email account, Canvas, your grades, and information about upcoming events at the university online and on-site. Please note: All communication is done via your official New School email account, so please check it regularly.

    My email is painterl@newschool.edu. I will help you along your path throughout the program, and I am also an academic advisor. Over the next few weeks, the English Language Studies office will contact you for an advisement appointment and instructions on how to register online. If you are in New York, please stop by the English Language Studies office to introduce yourself. We are here to help and encourage you in any way we can. If you have any questions, please email or call 212.229.5600. You can also connect with us by visiting our Uncharted TESOL blog and liking our Facebook page.

    Best regards,
    Lesley Painter-Farrell
    Director, MATESOL