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    A groundbreaking university deserves a groundbreaking visual identity. Our branding system now reflects the iconoclastic, fearlessly creative approach to higher learning that sets apart our community. You have all the tools you need to express our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and innovation in graphic form. Below are the three cornerstones of the new visual identity system.


    Our new bespoke typeface that offers infinite design possibilities through regular, extended, and very extended widths for each letter or pair of letters.

    Parsons Red

    The New School colors are red, black, and white. We have a custom-created color red for the university, “Parsons Red,” that has its own Pantone chip.

    Parallel lines

    This graphic statement echoes the horizontal banding on the landmark Joseph Urban building and the University Center.

    Identity System

    Finally, the interconnected relationship between The New School and its various schools is front and center in a variety of branding options.


    1. Update your email signature.

      Visit the Email Signature page to update your signature following the instructions there.
    2. Order new stationery.

      If you are an administrator in charge of stationery for your office, go to the Dupli order system page and place your order. You will need a FOAP and an approved signer for your account. There is digital stationary available on the DIY Service page.
    3. Start using the new school names.

      Official School and College Names
    4. Recycle materials that are out of brand.

      Whenever possible, avoid using materials reflecting the old branding. We are aware that it will take time to create new pieces, though, so consult your administrators or talk to your project manager if you have questions. If you have printed materials or large signage that you want to recycle, please contact Parsons Green Supply and our students will use them for projects.
    5. Visit the DIY Service page and bookmark it.

      The DIY Service page is a one-stop shop for answering questions and obtaining files for creating DIY materials. Bookmark it for your DIY needs.


    Contact your project manager.