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    Music director, Greenwich Village Orchestra, South Shore Symphony, Delaware Valley Opera (NY); principal conductor, Music Under Construction Chamber Orchestra; conductor, Regina Opera, Inwood Opera. Classical guitar performances in US, Japan, and Europe. Former acting director, Mannes College of Music Opera Department. Former faculty, Barcelona Conservatory, Conservatory of Cambrils (Spain), Academia Marshall (Barcelona), American Institute of Guitar, Roosa School of Music, Israel Vocal Arts Institute. Co-chair, Techniques of Music Department, Mannes Preparatory Division since 1999. Faculty, Mannes Extension Division since 1996, Preparatory Division since 1991.

    Current Courses:

    Preparatory Instruction (Open Campus)

    Lesson 1 hour (Open Campus)

    Lesson 3/4 hour (Open Campus)

    Lesson 1/2 hour (Open Campus)

    Lesson 1 hr/6 wks (Open Campus)

    Ear Training (Open Campus)

    Conducting Workshop (Open Campus)