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Parsons School of Design

Can urbanization reshape power dynamics


Urban Ecologies and Urban Practice Graduate Programs

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  • Students in the Theories of Urban Practice and the Design and Urban Ecologies graduate programs at Parsons School of Design ask the kinds of questions that challenge conventional urban systems.

    Join a dynamic, forward-thinking program that examines issues of urbanism, design, and policy in relation to social justice and inclusion. Redefine cities and urbanization processes, and pioneer initiatives that will bring about real, transformative change.

    Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

  • Design and Urban Ecologies MS

    • 60-credit, two-year, studio-driven program
    • Combine research, fieldwork, studio work, and participatory action to gain a broad understanding of the urban complex and its interactions with political, social, economic, and environmental systems
    • Design processes for urban transformation alongside – not for – the communities most affected by these processes
    • Shares 12 credits with the Theories of Urban Practice program

    Theories of Urban Practice MA

    • 36-credit, research-driven program
    • Explore design as a vehicle for bringing together key stakeholders and communities in co-creating urban networks and systems
    • Develop and implement projects that transform community organizing, public space, housing, infrastructure, and more
    • Shares 12 credits with the Design and Urban Ecologies program

  • IMG - Marketing Parsons 11-1 Student Faculty Ratio

    2015 QS World University Rankings
  • Design and Urban Ecologies student Silvia Xavier discusses her innovative ideas on trash collection, supporting both urban dwellers and New York City's goal of achieving zero-waste status.

  • “We're challenging students to look at the city from multiple perspectives and preparing them to lead transdisciplinary teams for urban transformation.”

    Miguel Robles-Durán, Faculty, Urban Ecologies and Urban Practice

  • Why the New School?

    The New School’s Parsons School of Design is renowned for offering an innovative approach to education, with a focus on critical thinking and collaboration. At the only design school within a comprehensive university—The New School—you’ll have access to a truly interdisciplinary academic experience. Our world-class faculty guides students through rigorous training and practice-based learning, taking full advantage of the inspiration and opportunity only New York City can offer.