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New School for Social Research

Is capitalism sustainable


Graduate Programs in Social Research

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  • Graduate students at The New School for Social Research ask the kind of questions that challenge the status quo across the social sciences and humanities.

    Guided by rigorous scholarship and a desire to apply academic discourse and discovery to current social problems, they critically examine interdisciplinary fields to become a force of new knowledge and ideas in the world.

    All graduate programs at The New School for Social research can be completed full-time or part-time on our New York City campus. Competitive merit-based scholarships are available in all departments -- in recent years, 85% of master’s students have received merit scholarships at The New School for Social Research.

    Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

  • Anthropology (MA, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 60-credit PhD.
    • Combine basic concepts of anthropology with critical exploration of the nature and role of ethnography in this leading graduate program.
    • Recent courses include Anthropology and Time; Epidemiology of Belief, Ethnography, and Writing; and In Search of the Political.

    Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism (MA)

    • 30 credits, full-time or part-time, day or evening classes.
    • Prepare to lead the future of serious intellectual publishing in a program that combines the analysis of print and emerging technologies, rigorous coursework, and design experience.
    • Recent courses include Cultural Criticism; Design and the Future of Publishing; and Multimedia Publishing, Production, and Writing Lab.

    Economics (MA, MS, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 45-credit MS, 60-credit PhD.
    • Explore a wide spectrum of heterodox theories and methodologies, including post-Keynesian, Marxian, and neo-Ricardian.
    • Curriculum emphasizes the evolution of economic thought, financial markets and institutions, development and labor markets, social policy, and economics of class, gender, race, and ethnicity.

    Global Political Economy and Finance (MA)

    • 30-credit specialized graduate economics program.
    • Develop analytical and policy skills through economic and statistical analysis and examination of contemporary global political economy.
    • Prepare for career paths in finance, government, business, labor organizing, international development, and academia.

    Historical Studies (MA)

    • 30-credit collaborative program.
    • Design your own interdisciplinary curriculum as you develop critical, heterodox approaches to historical questions.
    • Recent courses include Histories of Capitalism on the Edges of World Economy; History and Digital Media; and Violence/Repression/Revolution.

    Liberal Studies (MA)

    • 30-credit interdisciplinary program.
    • Develop contextual thinking and writing skills across multiple humanities disciplines in a positive, judgment-free environment.
    • Design your own curriculum and engage with leading scholars, journalists, and intellectual writers.

    Philosophy (MA, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 60-credit PhD.
    • Study in a philosophy program developed by renowned scholars including Hannah Arendt, Hans Jonas, Aron Gurwitsch, and Reiner Schürmann.
    • Focus on the history of Western thought and the modern European philosophical tradition. Recent courses include Art and Mechanical Reproduction; Embodied Cognition; Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason; and Speech Acts.

    Politics (MA, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 60-credit PhD.
    • Study the relations and manifestations of power in contexts ranging from the family to the transnational environment, paying close attention to historical and contemporary movements.
    • Recent courses include Biopolitics; Conceptions of Democracy; and Privatization and Commodification.

    Psychology (MA, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 60-credit PhD.
    • Study all the major fields of modern psychology, with an emphasis on research sensitive to social and cultural influences and concerns.
    • Recent courses include Cognitive Psychology; Evidence-Based Treatment; Language and Thought; and Political Psychology.
    • Specialized degree options include an MA concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling and PhD programs in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology.

    Sociology (MA, PhD)

    • 30-credit MA, 60-credit PhD.
    • Examine social life through the lens of The New School’s historical connection to European social science.
    • Core areas of research reflect faculty interests: social inequalities; culture and politics; law, rights, and citizenship; historical and comparative sociology; and cities and publics.

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  • “Students are encouraged to study in areas that programs in other schools would never allow. At The New School, you are given the freedom to research areas that interest you personally.”

    Mamadou Bobo Diallo, PhD Economics alumnus

  • Why the New School?

    The New School for Social Research was founded in 1919 as a home for progressive thinkers, and housed the University in Exile in 1933, providing an academic haven for scholars persecuted in Nazi Europe. The school became the foundation for a comprehensive university – The New School –  and continues the legacy of critical thought, civic engagement, and academic freedom today.