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School of Media Studies

Does media have a moral code


Graduate Programs in Media

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  • Students in our Media Studies and Media Management graduate programs at The New School question traditional practices to pioneer the media cultures of the future.

    Gain real-world experience in media making, critical analysis, entrepreneurship and management, learning from a faculty of industry leaders at the school that defined the field of media studies. Benefit from a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum and gain the skills you need to evaluate and create media in the service of a more just and humane world.

    Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

  • Media Studies (MA)

    • Gain critical thinking and production skills, develop creative media projects, and acquire professional experience
    • Benefit from a flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum that allows for highly personalized pathways of study across the making, meaning, and management of media
    • Take advantage of internships and networking opportunities in one of the most dynamic media capitals in the world — NYC
    • Study full-time (two years) or part-time, on campus or online
    • Fall or spring start; no GRE required
    • Competitive merit-based scholarships available

    Media Management (MS)

    • Learn best practices for leadership in all areas of media management, including production, media economics and business administration, marketing and communications, and new technology development
    • Prepare to launch and lead organizations in a media landscape shaped by the internet and globalization
    • Develop creative strategies to implement the latest concepts and practices for managing traditional and emerging media platforms
    • Study full-time (two years) or part-time, on campus or online
    • Fall or spring start; GRE not required
    • Competitive merit-based scholarships available


    in the United States


    Learn from executives at Facebook, Google, Nielsen, Condé Nast, NBC, and more.

  • How will new technologies transform the way we interact with the world?

    Media Studies graduate students David and Leticia are thinking light-years ahead of the game.

  • “I work at the intersection of new media art, architecture, and the urban environment. The fieldwork research skills I learned at The New School I now apply to my projects.”

    Tanya Toft, MA Media Studies alumna

  • Why the New School?

    The School of Media Studies at The New School has been defining media education for more than three decades. Our New York City location offers students unmatched opportunities to pursue professional internships at leading media firms, and our faculty members are leading practitioners and executives at the top of their fields. The New School aspires to offer an educational experience that is integrative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative, training students to respond to contemporary challenges around the world.