Awards for 2011-2012

Tamara Albu, Associate Professor of Fashion Design, Parsons, and David Goldsmith, part-time Assistant Professor, Parsons. A grant of $7,040 will support “Slow Fashion: India,” a project to develop knowledge of bio-regional/artisanal textile and fashion producers in India, and create bridges to Indian sites for future collaborations between Parsons and Indian fashion experts and institutions.

Karen DeMoss, Associate Professor of Education Studies, Lang, and Director of the Institute for Urban Education. A grant of $8,000 will support “Assessing the Influence of Design Thinking on Public High School Practices,” a project to design and implement an assessment of the impact that design thinking coursework has on cohorts of high school teachers’ teaching, learning and leadership in six low-income high schools in New York City.

Jaskiran Dhillon, Assistant Professor of Education Studies and Anthropology, Lang, and Tim Pachirat, Assistant Professor of Politics, NSSR. A grant of $8,000 will support “Education in Translation: Cambodia and the Politics of Post-Conflict Reconstruction,” an ethnographic project that undertakes a critical appraisal of education in post-conflict Cambodia.

Coco Fusco, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Parsons, and Leslie Hewitt, part-time Lecturer, Parsons. A grant of $6,900 will support “Radicalism Revisited,” a group exhibition and workshop to take place in Cuba’s longest-running independent art space, Aglutinador Laboratorio.

Jilly Traganou, Associate Professor of Spatial Design Studies, Parsons. A grant of $4,000 will support “Designing the Olympics: Post-national Identity in the Age of Globalization,” a research project to examine the relationship between design and national identity, focusing on the Olympic games in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012.

Gina Luria Walker, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program, NSPE, and Fiore Sireci, part-time faculty member, NSPE. A grant of $8,000 will support “Female Biography; or, Memoirs of Illustrious and Celebrated Women, of All Ages and Countries” and the production of a multi-volume publication on the burgeoning field of Mary Hays scholarship and the history of feminism.

Nancy Wilson, Director of the Baroque Chamber Players, Mannes. A grant of $8,200 will support a project entitled “18th-century Italian Music Master to the Emperor of China,” which will result in the first complete recording of 12 sonatas by Teodorico Pedrini, whose works constitute the only manuscript of western baroque music in the Beitang Library of China.


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