Institutional Review Board

The New School's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is in place to ensure that all research involving human subjects is conducted in an ethical manner. The IRB does not review the quality of research projects, but rather checks to see that measures are being taken to ensure the health and welfare of human participants as well as informed consent from participants.

The IRB is subject to the regulations of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) within the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). The basic principles underlying the responsible conduct of research were identified by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research in the Belmont Report.

All researchers conducting human subjects research are required to provide prospective subjects with informed consent. Consent forms should be written in clear language that prospective volunteers can easily understand. Some examples of consent forms can be found to the right.

Two application forms are provided for researchers. The abbreviated form may be used for all eligible classroom projects. The full application should be completed for all other research projects. More information can be found in the FAQs.

If you would like to learn more about research ethics or if your funder requires certification, the CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research is available without charge to New School faculty, students and staff. New users must register first and select "The New School" from the drop-down menu. The NIH Office of Extramural Research also offers basic online training in the protection of human research participants.

A brief introduction to the history and purpose of IRBs as well as the process for obtaining approval at The New School is also available as a resource.

IRB Reviewers

IRB Chair, Marcel Kinsbourne, Psychology, The New School for Social Research
Katayoun Chamany, Interdisciplinary Science, Eugene Lang College
Wendy D'Andrea, Psychology, The New School for Social Research
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, International Affairs, The New School for Public Engagemen
Jeremy Ginges, Psychology, The New School for Social Research
Nicolas Langlitz, Anthropology, The New School for Social Research
Raoul Rickenberg, School of Design Strategies, Parsons The New School for Design
External Reviewer: Dr. Julie Barnes, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst in private practice

Note: Send inquiries to the IRB assistant at

The application form (see links above) should be submitted in one single attached file to Provide the following information in the body of your email:

  • Name of PI and department
  • Title of research project
  • PI's email address and phone number
  • Date of submission

Your IRB application will not be processed without all four items of information.

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