Project Parameters

What the Fund Supports

The Fund for Collaborative Innovation will support Partnership Projects that seek to collaboratively address a social, environmental, economic or governance issue in New York City and/or vicinity by proposing and modeling or beginning to implement a change that will benefit all citizens or a particular community of citizens. Preference will be given to projects that test new approaches to creating a more just, resilient, and equitable society, including strategies that specifically address race, gender, class, ability, poverty, and sustainability.

Partnership Projects should

  • Engage one or more external partners for the two-year grant period.
  • If possible, involve a faculty team representing at least two New School colleges, programs, or disciplines. Proposals that combine a creative discipline (such as design, media, performing arts) with other disciplines (such as social sciences, management, environmental studies, urban policy) are especially encouraged.
  • Feature multiple components such as academic courses, public engagement, and public programs
  • Develop methods of assessment of both student and external partner outcomes
  • Contribute to public scholarship in concrete ways

The following are examples of the kinds of project themes the Fund hopes to support, but this list should not be considered as excluding other project ideas

  • Emergent Economy: new approaches to production, exchange, and regulation, such as co-production, sharing economies, DIY, immigrants, supply chains.
  • Transformative Media: emerging communication technologies, fashion, entertainment, and other forms of media in a range of contexts including, for example, activism, learning, culture-making.
  • Learning: new pedagogies and contexts for learning and increased access to learning
  • Urban Ecosystems: new approaches to enhancing urban ecosystems, addressing, for example, shelter, biodiversity, public health, food systems.

How Funds Can Be Used

  • Funding will be provided for two years, from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2015.
  • Funds can be used to cover such costs as student research or project assistants, partners’ honoraria, course development costs associated with the project, expenses for public programs or events associated with the project, materials, and/or communications.
  • Funds cannot be used to pay for conference registrations and travel expenses; subventions; or faculty salaries, summer salaries, or faculty stipend costs. If you are not sure whether a particular cost would be covered, email prior to submitting your proposal.
  • Funds must be spent in accordance with standard New School guidelines for purchasing, catering, payments to individuals, etc.
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