Application Instructions

There is no online application form. Collaborating faculty members and external partners (of which there may be more than one) submit a written proposal, formatted as a single-spaced document set in 12-point type with standard one-inch margins. All proposals must include the following:

  • A completed cover form (DOC)
  • Project team identification
    • Names, titles, and contact information of one faculty member and one external partner representative who will be the primary contact people for grant-related communication
    • Names and titles of all collaborating faculty members and external partners and brief descriptions of the functions of each team member in achieving the project's goals 
Descriptive narrative (not more than eight pages) that includes 
  1. Project title and synopsis (a few sentences summarizing the information discussed in detail in the rest of the document)
  2. Background and rationale (the genesis and purpose of the project and the partnership and how the project was conceived and co-created with external partners)
  3. Project description (the components of the Partnership Project and why it should be supported by this fund)
  4. Outcomes (the anticipated outcomes or deliverables of this Partnership Project over two or more years)
  5. Activities outline (chronological list of the key activities the Partnership Project proposes and a projected timeline that covers at least two years)
  • Line-item budget for the anticipated major costs associated with the project over the two years. Applicants should provide a budget that reflects the full costs of the project over the next two years as well as a budget that specifically reflects the expenses for which you are requesting funds from the Fund for Collaborative Innovation
  • Separate budget narrative that describes projected costs in detail along with any existing or potential external funding that could support this Partnership Project beyond the requested Provost's Office grant. External funding is encouraged but not required unless it is clear that the proposed project would require funding beyond what is available from the Collaborative Innovation Fund. If you expect to obtain external funding, describe your approach to fundraising.
  • Appendices (optional; no more than five additional pages)
  • Partnership letter from the external partner(s) that states the intent to partner, their expectations for project outcomes and benefits to the partners and communities, and how they envision their role in the partnership
  • Brief letter of support from the applicant's school dean, chair, and/or program director

    Application Submission

      1. Submit the entire application by email as a single PDF file to with "Fund for Collaborative Innovation: [applicant's last name]" in the subject line. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by email. 
      2. The deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Materials received after the deadline will not be considered.
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