The Provost's Office is led by a group of seasoned academic administrators who bring with them a wide range of experience, expertise, and perspectives. Individually and collectively, they are committed to academic excellence.


Tim Marshallspacer Bryna Sangerspacer Pat Baxter
Lisa DeBenedittis Elizabeth Ross  

Key Functions and Staff Groups Within the Provost's Office

Academic Planning and Administration [+]

Pat Baxter, Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Administration
Raymond Barclay, Associate Provost of Academic Budget and Planning 
Jed Crocker, Assistant Director of Academic Systems
Ilona Kaim, Data Systems Analyst

Academic planning involves the careful integration of academic ideas and ideals with financial and functional considerations including budgets, space and human resources, and enrollment projections. Pat Baxter and her staff work closely with the deans and with many offices university-wide to develop and manage the academic budget and related policies and planning.

See also Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Art Collection [+]

Silvia Rocciolo and Eric Stark, Curators

The university curators build, manage, maintain, conserve, and present the New School Art Collection as an educational resource for students as well as the public. The New School Art Collection consists of approximately 1,800 works by emerging and established international artists, most of which are installed in the university's public spaces. The collection includes a number of site-specific works, reflecting a university tradition that began in 1931 with the commissioning of murals by José Clemente Orozco and Thomas Hart Benton. Site-specific installations by Sol Lewitt, Martin Puryear, Brian Tolle, Kara Walker, and Dave Muller have recently been added to the collection.

Curriculum and Learning [+]  

Lisa DeBenedittis, Vice Provost for Curriculum and Learning
Adrienne Marcus, Assistant Provost for University Curriculum
Carolyn Comiskey, Director of Assessment and Curricular Support
Jennifer Francone, Director of Academic Accreditation and Program Quality
Carina Kleter, Coordinator of Curriculum and Learning
Meghan Hefferan, Administrative Coordinator

The Curriculum and Learning area supports the development and implementation of new curricular programs as well as methods of assessing and improving the quality of the educational experience at the university. Much of this work focuses on developing and improving cross-college and university-wide programs, particularly new pathways and opportunities that broaden and strengthen the academic experience by incorporating innovation and best practices in teaching and learning. The University Curriculum Committee plays an active role in this work. The Office of the Provost also supports faculty innovation in curriculum and pedagogy through the Innovations in Education Fund.

Distributed and Global Education [+]  

Andy Atzert, Vice President for Distributed and Global Education 
Cynthia Lawson, Associate Provost for Distributed and Global Education 
Barbara GydeSenior Director for Executive and Custom Programs
Sephora Markson Hartz, Director of Marketing for Distributed Education
Christine Chang, Director of Finance and Operations

Shuqi Wang, Coordinator of Admission and External Relations 
James O'Connor,  Director of Distributed Education 
James Acevedo, Associate Director of Distributed Education
Shira Richman, Assistant Director of Distributed Education 

Distributed and Global Education includes international academic partnerships, networks, global online educational opportunities, and a range of initiatives designed to promote collaboration between the university and other institutions around the world. The provost office team works closely with the colleges and the faculty to connect ideas and resources with co-curricular and research interests that foster strategic international engagement.  

Faculty Affairs [+]  

Faculty Affairs provides administrative oversight and support for all matters related to full-time faculty, including searches and appointments, reviews and promotions, and oversight and revision of faculty-related policies (including those articulated in the Full-Time Faculty Handbook). Faculty Affairs is guided by  a commitment to recruiting, retaining, and supporting exceptional faculty and to ensuring consistency and best practices in procedures and policies governing faculty employment and engagement. This area is closely aligned with the work of the University Faculty Senate, the Office of Human Resources, and the university deans. Faculty Affairs is overseen by deputy provost Bryna Sanger. Her assistant is Marcine Miller

Searches and Appointments
Liz Ross, Vice Provost for Academic Services

Liz manages the work relating to faculty searches and appointments. She works with the deans to develop multi-year faculty hiring plans, assess and recommend new faculty positions, and oversee the development of contractual terms as well as changes in contractual terms for current faculty.

Full-Time Faculty Reviews
Eleni Litt, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs
Jackie Clark, Coordinator of Faculty Affairs

Eleni and Jackie manage the functions related to full-time faculty reviews, including consulting with the provost and deans to set review guidelines; ensuring that divisional and university policies and procedures align with the Full-Time Faculty Handbook, AAUP guidelines, and best practices; and coordinating the activities of the University Promotions and Reviews Committee.

India China Institute [+]  

Ashok Gurung, Senior Director
Grace Hou, Office Manager

The India China Institute (ICI) was established in 2004 as a university initiative under the aegis of the provost. ICI fosters collaborative research and networks between the United States, India, and China. ICI fellows, a group of selected scholars and practitioners from India, China, and The New School, analyze political and social issues and trends in India and China and connections between the two countries. ICI's overarching goal is to encourage leaders, opinion makers, and academics in all three countries to work together to identify areas for cooperation, promote social and economic progress, and address mutual problems. The institute regards The New School as an essential partner in these conversations and offers New School faculty and students opportunities to engage with India and China. ICI also hosts lectures, conferences, and other events, both at The New School and at partner institutions in the two countries.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness [+]

Paula Mass, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Ely Kaplan, Director of Business Intelligence Analysis
Tet Lopez-Rabson, Associate Director 
Dmitry Lomako, Research Analyst

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) is to provide timely and authoritative research relevant to the institution's academic work. IR produces the University Fact Book and provides regulatory reporting to state and federal government agencies and accrediting agencies. It also conducts and analyzes the results of surveys such as the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey, and the Student Satisfaction survey. IR supports academic planning and policy with analyses of current data, historical trends, and industry benchmarks on applicants, students, faculty, departments, and institutions. The office produces regular reports on subjects including retention and graduation rates, teaching loads, tenure rates, enrollment projections, and demographics. IR also conducts customized research and support for various university offices.

Learning Center [+]

Jeannie Kahaney, Director
Alexandria Mahon, Administrative Coordinator 

The University Learning Center (ULC) offers New School students assistance at every stage of the writing process and promotes ongoing development of writing skills. The staff includes both generalist tutors and certified ESL specialists. The ULC serves more than 1,000 individual students, providing almost 3,000 tutoring sessions annually. The ULC consults with faculty members and offers them support in aspects of their work relating to student writing and is now home to a new program in math tutoring. Director Jeannie Kahaney is responsible for overall strategic planning for the center and for ensuring that tutoring is aligned with pedagogical goals. The administrative coordinator is responsible for the ULC's day-to-day operations. 

Libraries and Archives [+]

Ed Scarcelle, University Librarian and Director, Scherman Music Library at Mannes
Stephen Serwin, Assistant to the University Librarian
Andy Toulas, Director of Access and User Services
Wendy Scheir, Director of Archives and Special Collections
Allen Jones, Director of Digital Library and Technical Services
Kira Appel, Director of Reference and Instruction
Paul Abruzzo, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Rachel Cassiman, Art and Design Librarian
Brita Servaes, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Greg Sigman, Performing Arts Librarian
Jennifer Yao, Art and Design Librarian

The collections of the three New School libraries—Fogelman (humanities and social sciences), Gimbel (art and design), and Scherman (music)—support the university's interdisciplinary approach to education and offer an excellent starting place for research. The Kellen Archives is a resource for primary materials on the history of Parsons and 20th-century American design and the careers of the school's illustrious faculty, students, alumni, and associates. The three libraries hold a wealth of books, journals, scores, sound and video recordings, visual images, and archival materials, all of which are available to members of the university community. The university librarian and the library and archives directors oversee administration and programming and develop a vision for making the libraries' and archives' collections and services accessible to the university community.

Research and Support [+]

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