2011-2013 Middle States Review

The New School's accreditation was reaffirmed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in 2014. The accreditation evaluation is a rigorous process that universities in the region must undergo every ten years.
For The New School, the process provided an ideal opportunity for us to take a comprehensive look at our student experience, faculty, academic programs, infrastructure, and resources. Our Self-Study Report presents a vivid narrative of our university since its last accreditation evaluation in 2003. The self-study processes identified The New School’s strengths and areas for improvement, all framed by the vision and priorities for our future that are set forth in our strategic plan.
Following the submission of the Self-Study Report, a team of peer evaluators appointed by MSCHE visited the campus. The Site Team's positive report underscores The New School's strength, values, and direction. It acknowledges the challenges we have met and the considerable progress we have made in the past decade, especially in recent years. The Site Team report also offers valuable suggestions and recommendations that reinforce our priorities and the important work we must advance, particularly with regard to assessment.

The New School will provide an update to MSCHE on the progress we make in the coming years. This intensive process was extremely valuable for the university and we are grateful to all the members of our community who participated in it.

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