• Chair's Message


    The New School is a university that celebrates creativity, innovation, design and social research.  I have been a part of The New School community for almost ten years, and I am inspired by what I see.

    The business of running a university can be a challenging one, but The New School is approaching its future strategically and from a student-centered perspective. The University is looking at the best new ways to promote lifetime learning in the world as it exists today, including undergraduate and graduate degree programs, professional and continuing education, global partnerships, and a wide-ranging mix of public programming. For myself and my fellow Trustees, it is important that The New School maintain a strong financial position so that these programs can be accessible to the most talented students regardless of their individual financial backgrounds.

    As Chair, I have had the opportunity to meet stimulating, accomplished faculty, dedicated staff, and creative, passionate students. These students are receiving a strong liberal arts educational foundation, as well as the skills and perspective they need for the emerging creative economy.  

    New School alumni will have much to contribute to the world around them. I look forward to seeing their accomplishments and seeing how their achievements also improve the lives of others.

    Joe Gromek
    The New School Board of Trustees