• A number of scholarships have been established for liberal arts majors at The New School. Unless noted otherwise, students do not have to apply for these awards. They will be automatically considered once their financial aid eligibility has been established.

    All students must submit the FAFSA or alternative application from The New School in order to be considered for Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts financial aid or any financial aid from The New School. The FAFSA must be renewed annually.

    Browse the list of available financial aid awards below to learn more. If you have questions, please feel free to email the Office of Student Financial Services or call 212.229.8930. 

      Scholarship with supplemental application requirements

      This scholarship for liberal arts majors require that additional application materials be submitted in order for a student to be considered. Continuation of Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts financial aid may be determined by academic performance.

      • Horatio Alger Scholarship. This annual award honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in spite of adversity. Scholarship recipients also receive financial aid counseling and internship and job placement assistance. For more information about this liberal arts scholarship and how to apply, please visit

      Eugene Lang College Of Liberal Arts scholarships available to all students

      When you apply to The New School, you will automatically be considered for the following liberal arts scholarships. Some offer preference on the basis of a student's area of interest or background. In addition, some are scholarships for college freshmen, and continuation of some is contingent on academic performance. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please feel free to email the Office of Student Financial Services or call 212.229.8930.

      • Bea Banu Scholarship. Established in honor of Bea Banu, former dean of Eugene Lang College, this scholarship is awarded to a student demonstrating both need and merit.
      • Jacob Burns Scholarship. Established for students who demonstrate both need and merit.
      • Harry Edison Foundation Endowed Scholarship. Established in 1988, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need.
      • John R. Everett Memorial Scholarship. Awarded in honor of the former New School president to a student who demonstrates academic ability and leadership potential.
      • Cynthia Fanton Scholarship. Awarded to students with financial need and merit. Preference is given to students planning to become educators.
      • Daniel Fraad Scholarship. Established for students who demonstrate both need and merit.
      • Monica L. Gollub Scholarship. Established by Gerda L. Schulman and family and friends to honor an idealistic young woman who devoted her professional life to serving disadvantaged people. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need to Lang students pursuing studies in the social sciences or law. Preference is given to female minority students.
      • Stephen Kennedy Scholarship. Established in honor of the former associate vice president and treasurer of The New School for students with financial need and merit.
      • George F. Kettle Scholarship. Awarded to an incoming first-year student with a strong sense of community involvement and volunteerism.
      • Dorothy and Jerome Lemelson Scholarship. Established to assist needy students, with preference given to students with physical disabilities, especially those with cerebral palsy.
      • Albert A. List Prize Scholarship. Awarded to new and continuing students from New York City high schools.
      • Vera G. List Scholarship. Established to assist new and continuing students at Lang, with preference given to minority students.
      • Jesse McCutchen, Jr. Scholarship. Established by Vera G. List in honor of Jesse McCutchen, Jr., a New York City sanitation worker who rescued a female jogger from an attacker in Central Park. This scholarship is awarded to minority students demonstrating both merit and need.
      • Albert and Infra Milano Assistance Scholarship. Established to assist new and continuing students, primarily from the New York City area, with substantial financial need who would not otherwise be able to attend college.
      • Lewis Rudin Memorial Scholarship. Awarded to students concentrating in urban studies and demonstrating financial need, this scholarship was established by the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation.
      • Bernard & Irene Schwartz Merit Scholarships. These scholarships for incoming freshmen are awarded to students in good academic standing who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship is awarded to students for four years provided that they maintain academic excellence throughout their tenure at Lang.
      • Malcolm & Betty Smith Merit Scholarship. This scholarship was established by long-time university trustee and friend Malcolm Smith. Recipients are selected in their junior year and the scholarship is awarded for their senior year. Preference is given to students who have an exemplary academic record, who demonstrate financial need, and whose commitment to civic engagement has been demonstrated through community service.
      • Senpo Sugihara Scholarship. Established in June 1991 with a gift from Vera G. List to honor Senpo Sugihara, a diplomat from Japan who rescued 3,500 Jews during World War II by giving them sanctuary in Shanghai. Awarded to an outstanding student with financial need.
      • John Tishman Scholarship. Named in honor of the former chairman of the Board of Trustees for his outstanding leadership, this scholarship is awarded to one outstanding student in recognition of high scholastic achievement and evidence of commitment to public service and community involvement.
      • John Tishman Scholarship for Environmental Studies Students. Established in 2006, this scholarship is intended for students with an interest in environmental studies and an excellent academic record.
      • Judith Walzer Scholarship. Awarded to students showing great academic potential and financial need. Preference is given to students with a strong interest in literature and writing.
      • Brian Watkins Memorial Scholarship. Established in 1990 by Vera G. List in memory of a young man from Provo, Utah, who was killed in a New York City subway station while defending his mother. This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a Eugene Lang College student who demonstrates outstanding academic ability, community involvement, and a commitment to helping others.
      • The Hajime Yoshida Scholarship. Established in 1994 by Eugene M. Lang in honor of a business colleague and close trusted friend, this annual scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Eugene Lang College student, with a preference for students who are Japanese or of Japanese descent and for students whose academic focus is in economics or international relations.

      University-wide scholarships

      The New School has several scholarship funds that are available to students in all colleges. Like the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts scholarships, these awards do not require students to apply for them unless otherwise noted. They will be automatically considered once their financial aid eligibility has been established.

      • Elizabeth Glaser Scholarship. Inspired by Elizabeth Glaser's commitment to caring for children with HIV and AIDS, Vera G. List, a life trustee and longtime benefactor of the university, established this university-wide scholarship to honor the founder of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
      • Excel Scholarships and Fellowships. This university-wide scholarship and fellowship endowment was created to reward merit and to reduce the debt that undergraduate and graduate students incur.
      • Henry Loeb University Scholarship. The Henry Loeb University Scholarship was established in 1987 by family and friends of Henry Loeb, former chairman of the Board of The New School for Social Research, on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Recipients are chosen on the basis of need, and each retains the award until the completion of his or her degree, provided that a high academic standard is maintained. Each of The New School's colleges and schools is given the opportunity in turn to choose the recipient of this scholarship; the order is based on the date of the school's establishment within the university.
      • Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr., Scholarship. University-wide scholarship awarded annually to undergraduate students of American history and the U.S. Constitution.
      • Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund. Established in 1987 by Vera G. List in memory of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swede who rescued thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II, this university-wide scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time student from Sweden or of Swedish descent in any school of The New School. The amount of the award may vary from year to year.
      • Thanks to Scandinavia Scholarship. Awarded to students across the university, this scholarship has been made possible by a gift to the Thanks to Scandinavia Organization by Vera G. List and university trustee Henry Arnhold, to show appreciation to the Scandinavian people for their help in rescuing Jews during the Holocaust. Students must apply through Student Financial Services.
      • University Scholars Program. Scholarships are available to qualified students of color planning to attend a school of the university. Awards are given to students who qualify for financial aid and have demonstrated outstanding ability and are contingent on satisfactory progress toward the degree. The award is added to the financial aid package to address unmet need.
      • The Erwin S. and Rose F. Wolfson Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans. Open to undergraduate and graduate students in all schools of The New School who have completed at least one year of study and have demonstrated outstanding academic ability, motivation, promise of achievement, and financial need. These renewable scholarships, fellowships, and loans cover tuition and fees and are contingent on continued scholastic achievement. Award amounts vary depending upon need.


      Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts students are also eligible for the following award:

      • David Woods Award for Humanitarianism. Established in honor of a New York City youth killed while defending a young woman, this annual award is given to a Lang student who has an exceptional academic record, a variety of accomplishments outside the classroom, and a demonstrated commitment to both the university and the outside community. Candidates should demonstrate a high degree of service to others.