• Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

    Professor of International Affairs

    Office Location:

    Fanton Hall/Welcome Center


    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr is Professor of International Affairs at The New School. She is a development economist interested in human development and capabilities and the broad question of national and international policy strategies. Her current research includes projects on public policies and economic and social rights, and the impact of global goal setting on international development agendas. From 1995 to 2004, she was lead author and director of the UNDP Human Development Reports. Prior to this, she worked at the World Bank and UNDP on agriculture, aid coordination in Africa, and capacity development.

    Her recent publications include:  Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights (with T. Lawson-Remer and S. Randolph, Oxford 2015); The MDGs, Capabilities and Human Rights: The Power of Numbers to Shape Agendas (coedited with A. Yamin, Routledge, London 2015 Human Rights and the Capabilities Approach: An Interdisciplinary Conversation (co-edited with Diane Elson and Polly Vizard; 2011); as well as numerous articles and book chapters on issues of poverty, gender, human rights, and technology.

    Fukuda-Parr serves on the UN Committee on Development Policy as Vice Chair, The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health, and the boards of the International Association for Feminist Economics, the Center for Economic and Social Rights, and Knowledge Ecology International. She also serves on the editorial boards of Feminist Economics and Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.

    Degrees Held:

    MA, University of Sussex