• Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Urban Studies

    Office Location:

    Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Building


    My work explores place attachment and the experience of everyday life in public, neighborhood and home spaces through photographic, ethnographic, and experiential means. I also work extensively on the experience and history of affordable housing, and have worked on projects in London, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and New York. My photographic-narrative doctorate in Environmental Psychology addresses the everyday street-life experience of two small neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA. As a photographer, curator, environmental psychologist, and co-director of Buscada Projects, every part of my work is interdisciplinary. I am always thinking about the confluence of the visual, social, and urban. I am particularly interested in bringing this perspective to students, and encouraging students to direct their thinking and their work out into the world.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD in Environmental Psychology, Graduate Center, CUNYMA in Environmental Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNYBA in Growth and Structure of Cities, Bryn Mawr College

    Professional Affiliations:

    Association of American GeographersEnvironmental Design Research AssociationAmerican Anthropological AssociationInternational Visual Sociology Association

    Recent Publications:

    2016 “Bringing their worlds back : Using photographs to spur conversations on everyday place” Visual Studies, 31:1, 1-21. 2013 “The big world in the small : Layered dynamics of meaning-making in the everyday.” Society & Space : Environment & Planning D, 31:4, 708 – 726. 2012 “Layered SPURA : Spurring conversations through visual urbanism” Curated Spaces feature, Radical History Review, 2012:114, 206-215. 2010 “Hybrid ways of doing: A model for teaching public space.” International Journal of Architectural Research, 4:2, 407-418. (w/ Elliot Maltby) 2007. “Making Housing Home.” Places Journal, 19:2(in press) “Layered City” in Studying the City (eds. P. Halliday & S. Dobson). Palgrave Macmillan.(2005) “Walking, Emotion and Dwelling.” Space and Culture, 8:4(2004) “Guided Tours at Urban Horizons.” Shelterforce, no. 134.Bendiner-Viani, G & S. Low (2003) “Place Identity.” in Encyclopedia of Community  (eds. K. Christensen & D. Levinson) Sage.(2002) “Guided Tour: Villa 31.” DisClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, n.11.(2001) “Photography” & “Soho.” in Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture (eds. G. McDonogh, C. Wong, R. Gregg) Routledge.Bendiner-Viani, G & S. Low & Y. Hung. (2004) “Attachments to Liberty: Ethnographic Assessment for the Statue of Liberty National Monument.” National Park Service.

    Research Interests:

    Urban and Architectural Studies; Photography; Exhibition and Curatorship; Housing in the Metropolis; Urban Visual Culture; Ethnographies of Small Urban Spaces

    Awards And Honors:

    Mellon Fellow in Social Justice and Visual Culture, The International Center of Photography