• May 26, 2016
    Lang professor Robin Mookerjee passed away in May 2016. Robin was a beloved teacher of creative writing and literature, a dedicated advisor committed to his students, and an accomplished writer.

    After receiving his BA from Bard College, Robin earned an MA and PhD in English at New York University. He taught at The New School for 17 years on a variety of topics, from Emily Dickinson's poetry to American intellectual history, and led a number of writing courses on poetry and fiction. He wrote about the Black Mountain poets, the American Jewish novel, and contemporary satiric fiction. Here is Robin describing his own approach to his writing and research:

    As a poet, I am interested in locating the points at which articulation breaks down and gives way to the inarticulable or unknowable. On a perhaps parallel line, my research centers on the reemergence of literary traditions (romanticism, satire) in disguised forms on the contemporary scene. 

    His recent publications include Transgressive Fiction: The Contemporary Satiric Tradition (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), "The Politics of Enmity: Deconstruction and the New Neoconservatism" (Revista des Letras v. 49, n. 2, 2009), and Identity and Society in American Poetry (Cambria Press, 2008).

    The tragic loss of Professor Mookerjee has been deeply felt by his students and colleagues in the Literary Studies department and across the university.