• Reinstatement

    If you violate the terms of your non-immigrant status, you may need to apply to USCIS for reinstatement. Reinstatement is a process in which admit that you made a mistake and ask USCIS to pardon your mistake and to restore you to an active non-immigrant status.

    Common Violations

    • Failure to check in at the beginning of each semester
    • Failure to attend new student orientation
    • Failure to enroll
    • Failure to enroll full time
    • Failure to make normal academic progress
    • Failure to request authorization for reduced course load in a timely manner
    • Failure to request a program extension in a timely manner
    • Unauthorized leave of absence
    • Unauthorized withdrawal

    Please note that this is not a complete listing of potential status violations. Check with an ISSS advisor for more information.

    ISSS will assist you in deciding how to proceed. You should visit our office as soon as possible if you believe you could be in violation of your status. It is important to submit a reinstatement application immediately, as applications can take several months to process by USCIS.

    Consideration for Reinstatement

    Students are considered for reinstatement only under the following circumstances:

    • The violation of status was beyond your control.
    • You are pursuing or will pursue a full course of study.
    • You have not had repeated violations of status and are not in removal proceedings.
    • You have not been outside of the United States for more than five months or you can demonstrate exceptional circumstances that prevented you from filing within five months.
    • You have not engaged in unauthorized employment in the United States.

    If reinstatement is not approved, you must leave the United States immediately; to continue with your program, you must request a new I-20 with a new SEVIS number, pay a new SEVIS fee, apply for a new visa, and re-enter the United States with the new I-20 and visa. Please be aware that unauthorized employment is a serious violation and will bar you from consideration for reinstatement. You cannot file for reinstatement if you have engaged in unauthorized employment. You should seek legal advice from an immigration attorney on this matter.

    Applying for Reinstatement

    To apply for reinstatement, you must meet with an ISSS advisor and submit the following items:

    1. ISSS Service Request Form
    2. Properly completed SEVIS Form I-20, issued for reinstatement by ISSS
    3. Letter addressed to USCIS officially requesting reinstatement including
      • Explanation of the status violation
      • Affirmation that you understand the effect of failure to receive reinstatement
      • Statement of intent to pursue a full course of study
      • Specific request for reinstatement to F-1 student status
    4. Printout of the online application form.
      • First, create an ELIS account on the USCIS Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) website by creating a username and password.
      • Then, log into ELIS and fill out the USCIS Electronic Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, but DO NOT submit it yet!
      • Save the application in draft form, then click "Review" and print or save as a PDF.
    5. Check or money order payable to "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security" in the amount of the fee for Form I-539 (consult with ISSS for the current fee)
    6. Financial documents demonstrating your ability to pay for the new program
      • For Year 1, funds must be liquid (currently in a bank account).
      • For future years, you must show proof that funds will be available (e.g., investments, sponsor's proof of salary, or recent tax documents showing income).
      • If you have a sponsor, submit a new Affidavit of Support completed and signed by him or her.
    7. Copy of I-94 electronic admission record
    8. Copy of passport
    9. Copy of F-1 or J-1 visa
    10. Copy of all I-20s or DS-2019s issued to you by The New School and all schools you have attended in the United States
    11. Copy of transcript showing proof of registration in current, previous, and future semesters
    12. Any other documentation that might help establish the nature of the violation and show that the violation occurred less than five months ago

    Your reinstatement application and supporting documents will be submitted to USCIS online. An ISSS advisor will provide guidance and assist you with that process. For more information, visit the USCIS Electronic Immigration System page.