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    Institute for Retired Professionals
    6 East 16th St., room 905 (Map)
    New York, NY 10011
    Phone: 212.229.5682

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    Founded in 1962 as a post-career peer learning community, the IRP is the blueprint for the Lifelong Learning Movement, now replicated on more than 500 campuses around the country. In keeping with its philosophy of making institutions of higher education open to adult learners, The New School has nurtured the Institute for Retired Professionals since its inception.

    Still unique in the New York area, the IRP is based on a model of adult continuing education known as peer learning. Students from various backgrounds share the responsibility for designing, teaching, and participating in weekly noncredit study groups that mirror the content and structure of college courses. Learning in the IRP is both an intellectual and social experience, where common interests provide a foundation for new friendships.

    In addition to classroom activities, the IRP sponsors group art shows, special lectures, and readings; publishes an online periodical of arts and letters; and organizes urban walks, day trips, and domestic and international study trips.

    Every IRP member is expected to take a role in supporting the community through activities such as coordinating study groups, serving on committees, and working on special projects that benefit the IRP and The New School.