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Document Collaboration with Google Docs

Many of you may be very familiar using "Track Changes," with Microsoft Office. One bit of feedback we repeatedly heard about Google Docs was about its lack of a change tracker. Since Google Docs was initially deployed at The New School, Google has developed a feature called Suggested Edits, which allows comments and responses to changes. Additionally a Comments tool is available, which you can tag people in. The below video from Google provides some tutorial basics about these tools and how they work in New School Google Apps.

Best New School Google Calendar Practices

You have own preferences for managing your time, but here are a few tips to improve your productivity as you plan out your schedule:

  • _calendarYou may want to schedule time on your calendar to complete important tasks. If you get a request via email to do something by a specific date, use the Add to Calendar method to schedule time to complete the task. The email with the request will also be attached to the event when you create it this way. At The New School your calendar availability is displayed by default to all of your colleagues. By scheduling time for your tasks, others will see that you are not available for meetings while you attend to important work.
  • Add an agenda in the event description. Have you ever showed up at meeting uncertain about what to expect? When you schedule a meeting be clear with your invites by including an agenda in the event description. It will help people to come prepared, focused and to stay on topic.
  • Schedule time to read your email. Block out time to read through the email in your inbox every day. That way, while you work, you can focus your attention without being distracted by incoming messages.


Single Sign-on for The New School Housing Application

_buildingHousing-eligible students accessing The New School online housing application will now be automatically logged in when launching the application system through MyNewSchool. In the past you were prompted to re-enter your NetID and password in order to access the application. In the interest of improving your user experience, we have reconfigured the authentication method so that your credentials are automatically provided and you are no longer prompted for your username and password.

With this change the student housing application is now included with a growing list of university services which now offer streamlined authentication via single sign-on, including: MyNewSchool, Google Apps, and Canvas. As such this functionality may be familiar to you already. However, if you would like to learn more about single sign-on, have a look at this story we published back in January when we first began to roll out single sign-on.

New Google Drive app for iOS

Google has released new version of their Google Drive app for iOS. This new app is now available in the App Store and will work with your New School Google Drive. _tablet

New School Google Drive’s new features include:

  • New material design
  • Faster syncing with New School Google Drive on your web browser
  • Improved image viewing and page scrolling (you no longer need to tap “Load more”)
  • A new swipe gesture to go back to a previous view

If you are unfamiliar with this app, the Google Support Center provides lots of training materials. This new iOS version of the Google Drive is available for free download on iPhone and iPad devices.

Google Calendar in MyNewSchool

MNS google calendar filtersRecent maintenance on MyNewSchool has made possible the release of some new functionality: a Google Calendar available directly in MyNewSchool. You now have direct access to all of your calendar event information right in MyNewSchool on the Me page.

Please note that by default this calendar will load events for ALL calendars for which you hold a membership. This feature can be customized however to display only specific calendar(s) associated with your account.

To configure this setting, click the “Filter Calendars” menu in the NewSchool Calendar channel and uncheck any calendars you do not wish to display in this channel.

New School Mail Portlet Restored in MyNewSchool

MNS google mail restoreThe New School Mail portlet in MyNewSchool has been restored following a temporary disruption caused by changes made by Google which impacted the integration of this service with MyNewSchool. Recent maintenance however has resolved this issue and the New School Mail portlet is again functional.

If currently you see a Google Mail portlet indicating that the service is temporarily down, please “Reset Layout” at the top of the page (as displayed) to restore the New School Mail portlet.

Wireless Scanning at The Innovation Center

_wifiDid you know that the Innovation Center at 6 East 16th St., on the 6th floor offers wireless scanning?

This technology learning space features 3 wireless scanners which can be operated directly from your laptop (with a driver installation now available for download). Say goodbye to waiting lists and lines to access a single computer configured for lab scanners. Now any laptop can work as your own personal large format scanning station. Please see the linked instructions on our website for instructions about how to install and operate these scanners.

Continued Maintenance on MyNewSchool

_maintenanceWrenchMyNewSchool will be unavailable for approximately a half hour between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday May 27, 2015 while Information Technology performs an important maintenance upgrade. This upgrade will ensure the reliability and performance of MyNewSchool.

You can monitor any status changes on

Google Mail Change for IE8

_mailGoogle officially discontinued support for Internet Explorer 8 back in November of 2012. Though official support was discontinued, your IE8 browser continued to work (until now, that is). If you use IE8, Google will start forwarding you to an HTML-only version of Mail. You may expect this change in behavior immediately.

Both Google and The New School's Office of Information Technology encourage you to work on current, updated browsers. This will ensure both that all current functionality is available to you and that known vulnerabilities within the browser are fixed. More information is available in the Security Handbook on our website.

Email in Perpetuity for New School Alumni

Congratulations to our new Alumni! Though you will move on from your career at The New School, you will forever remain a part of our community. In support of the lifelong bond between The New School and its graduates, Information Technology is happy to provide you with lifetime access to your New School Google Apps and email account. This account provides you with numerous advantages, such as unlimited storage and a valid address announcing your affiliation with The New School. All that is required of you is to maintain your password by resetting it every six months, just as you have throughout your student career here at The New School.