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MyFiles Will Be Decommissioned

announcementOn Thursday, March 26th, the MyFiles remote network storage system will be officially decommissioned and made unavailable for continued use at this New School. In recent years we have seen a significant decline in use of this service and will therefore no longer include MyFiles among our IT service offerings. If you have need for a secure remote storage solution, it is recommended that you make use of Google Drive which now offering unlimited storage to educational institutions (versus the 1 GB of storage offered by MyFiles).

Please keep in mind, as always, that university employees must comply with all handling requirements put forth by The New School Information Security policies. It is also recommended that all business critical documents stored on Google Drive, be associated with a “Non-Person” account. Non-Person accounts are accounts associated with an academic or administrative offices rather than an individual and may be requested using the Non-Person Account Creation Request form.

‘Shared with me’ is Back on Google Drive

Google-Drive-iconAt the start of March you may have noticed a slight change to your Google Drive. Following the the launch of the new Drive interface at the end of 2014, Google renamed the ‘Shared with me’ section to ‘Incoming’ and made some slight modifications to how it worked. After receiving feedback from people who like the old ‘Shared with me’ functionality, Google has decided restore the old interface. This change has already taken place. For more information, you can check out Google's Help Center.

Guard Personal Information Online

infosecurityBe careful sharing personal details on blogs, forums, and social media sites. Anyone can read your blog and forum posts, so don’t post personal information that could be used to impersonate you, and don’t post information about where you’ll be at a particular time. When using social media sites like Facebook and Google+, make sure that personal information is only viewable by people you know and trust.

For this and other information about information security see our Security Handbook.

Check Your Print Credit Online

Did you know that student print account balances are updated 24 hours after registration or 15 minutes after purchasing print points? You can check your print balance online at any time and review your transaction history. You can also access your account balance in MyNewSchool.

Spring Break Lab Hours


For the week of Spring Break, Monday March 23, 2015 - Sunday March 29, 2015, lab hours will be reduced. For details of open lab hours at specific locations you may view the Lab Hours page on our website. Please plan accordingly.

Preview Our New Online Course Catalog

Information Technology and the Provost Office are pleased to announce a preview of a new online university course catalog. The new course catalog has been created with input from a working group made up of advisors and other providers of academic services, as well as feedback received since the initial launch of the catalog.

The preview of the new course catalog is to allow a live testing and feedback period to ensure a smoother rollout. The current course catalog will be available during the preview period, and will remain available for fall 2015 advising and registration purposes.

Since this is only phase one of the new online course catalog, the working group will consider feedback and identify the next set of features for subsequent phases, the goal being to replace and improve upon the existing course catalog tool.

As with any new system of this complexity, you may encounter something that doesn't work as expected. We appreciate your help in identifying any bugs or features that you would like to see. Please use the "Feedback" button on the new catalog pages to report any issues or suggestions you may have.

Check out the new course course catalog at We will send additional information about the rollout as it becomes available.

Some of the improved functionality in the new course catalog:

  • Free form basic search tool where you can search by words such as topics, faculty name, course title, etc.
  • Basic sorting can be done at the top of the results listings by course, semester, number of credits, etc.
  • Clicking on "Advanced Search" will drop down more features which allows for more granular filtering of results
  • In the course listings, clicking on "Course Page" will open a new page displaying course details, while clicking anywhere else will expand to show more course information including section details

Add Images in frozen sections in Sheets


If you use Google Sheets you will will now be able to add images to sections of you worksheet that you have frozen. You can use this to brand the various spreadsheet you have designed by added a logo or image. To insert an image in a frozen section, select a cell in the row and click on Insert > Image. You can then resize and move your image to fit the section or rows as you see fit. For more information and detailed instructions, visit the Google Support Center.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides added to the App Launcher


Please be advised that the Apps Launcher in your New School Google Apps has recently been updated and you will notice a few changes to the display of apps icons. When you open the Apps Launcher you will now see the Docs editors―Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These editors icons are now displayed on the first screen of the App Launcher, along with your other New School Google Apps services. You may also note that the Groups and Contacts icons were moved to the ‘More’ screen to make room. To access these icons from the Apps Launcher you will need to click the 'More' bar at the bottom of the Apps Launcher window.

Card Services has a New Location

The Card Services office is now located at 72 Fifth Ave., lower level. For new, replacement, or other Newcard-related services, visit Card Services during these extended hours through February 13:

January 20-30
9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday
9:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Friday

February 2-13
9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday
9:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Friday

To add funds to your Newcard and see a list of merchants who accept Newcard Cash, visit the Newcard website.

The NEW MyNewSchool

On January 14, 2015 Information Technology launched a major upgrade to the University portal, MyNewSchool. The goal of the portal is to support and enhance your experience at The New School. We look forward to working with the New School community to determine additional content and functionality needs.

Here are some highlights of the NEW MyNewSchool:

Content Organization

  • Me: initial page delivers content relevant to you; 
  • Academics: content related to teaching and learning; 
  • Services: resources to assist you to get things done; 
  • Community: news, events, and other activities at The New School

In-page Content
Where possible, content is delivered within the system, rather than just linking out to another web page or application.

Single Sign On
Automatically login to external applications such as New School Email, Calendar, Canvas, etc. With these enhanced Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities, you will also see a new login page for MyNewSchool, Google Apps, Canvas, and Learning Portfolio and other applications in the near future. Read A Simple Intro to Single Sign-On to learn more.

Responsive Design
MyNewSchool is now designed to be viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Coming Soon…

Changing your Profile Photo
There has been significant feedback about the ability to change your profile photo. Currently, the photo displayed by default is taken from the NewCard system. We are currently working on a feature which will allow you to change your profile photo.

Groups for Employees
The Groups application that was available in the old MyNewSchool is no longer available. IT is in the process of moving all folders and files from the old MyNewSchool to a secure area in Google Apps. If you have any questions about this, please contact

As with any major transition to a new system, there may be features that are still being tweaked and a few that don't yet work. If you experience this, please submit a ticket to IT Central or call xHELP (x4357).

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