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New Online University Course Catalog

Information Technology and the Provost Office are pleased to announce the new online university course catalog. The new course catalog has been created with input from a working group made up of advisors and other providers of academic services.

While the main links to the course catalog on now point to the new catalog, the previous course catalog will continue to be available throughout the summer while the numerous linkages to deeper course catalog content are updated.

This is only phase one of the new course catalog, we will consider feedback to help identify the next set of features for subsequent phases. Please use the "Provide Feedback" button on the new course catalog site to share your ideas with us.

Some of the improved functionality in the new course catalog:

  • Free form basic search tool where you can search by words such as topics, faculty name, course title, etc.
  • Basic sorting can be done at the top of the results listings by course, semester, number of credits, etc.
  • Clicking on "Advanced Search" will drop down more features which allows for more granular filtering of resultsIn the course listings, clicking on "Course Page" will open a new page displaying course details, while clicking anywhere else will expand to show more course information including section details

Check out the new course course catalog at

New Drive Features

infoiconIn the new Google Drive interface, you will find a couple of new handy features which can help you manage your files more easily and efficiently. The below features are new features that were not included in the initial release of the new Drive UI back in June.

Versioning for non-Google Documents
While Google has allowed you to view versions of Google created documents for some time, you may now review file versions even for non-Google documents file formats. In this case, even if you have uploaded Microsoft Office files you will be able to view and manage versions for non-Google file formats all the same.

Add Caption Files
You now have the ability to add adding caption file to your video. If, for instance, you want to make your video accessible to deaf viewers, or in different languages, caption files can allow for a wider range of viewers to comprehend your content. Instructions are available in the Google Help Center.

New Drive Interface

Google-Drive-iconBack in June Google released a new interface for its Drive application. Until recently, the new interface has been available to everyone and anyone who has elected to opt-in. After opting in you were able to work with the new interface and enhanced features. Since that time, Google has also add more features that weren’t ready back at the initial release. With month's release of these new features, the new interface is now the default anyone using Drive. That said you may revert to the old Drive in the Settings drop down. Please note however that this option will eventually be removed (anticipated date is May 25, 2015) and the new interface will be the only option available to you.

For more information about the new Google Drive, please refer to this guided tour available in the Google Help Center.

Tech Tip: Text Scanning

Light BulbDid you know that text scanning may be done using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) using any Information Technology flatbed scanner or the Automatic Document Feeder? This technology will allow you to convert hard copy pages into text documents you can modify or edit using a lab text application such as Word for Microsoft Office.

New Look Website

Returning to campus after spring break, you may have noticed a few changes to The New School’s buildings’ exteriors: a splash of color, a unique new typeface, and a bold new logo. You may have also noticed changes to the Information Technology website. All content and navigation on the website will remain the same, however in keeping with the change to The New School’s visual identity, the IT website has been updated to include the new logo, an updated color palette, and the addition of a new font.

 IT header

MyFiles Will Be Decommissioned

announcementOn Thursday, March 26th, the MyFiles remote network storage system will be officially decommissioned and made unavailable for continued use at this New School. In recent years we have seen a significant decline in use of this service and will therefore no longer include MyFiles among our IT service offerings. If you have need for a secure remote storage solution, it is recommended that you make use of Google Drive which now offering unlimited storage to educational institutions (versus the 1 GB of storage offered by MyFiles).

Please keep in mind, as always, that university employees must comply with all handling requirements put forth by The New School Information Security policies. It is also recommended that all business critical documents stored on Google Drive, be associated with a “Non-Person” account. Non-Person accounts are accounts associated with an academic or administrative offices rather than an individual and may be requested using the Non-Person Account Creation Request form.

‘Shared with me’ is Back on Google Drive

Google-Drive-iconAt the start of March you may have noticed a slight change to your Google Drive. Following the the launch of the new Drive interface at the end of 2014, Google renamed the ‘Shared with me’ section to ‘Incoming’ and made some slight modifications to how it worked. After receiving feedback from people who like the old ‘Shared with me’ functionality, Google has decided restore the old interface. This change has already taken place. For more information, you can check out Google's Help Center.

Guard Personal Information Online

infosecurityBe careful sharing personal details on blogs, forums, and social media sites. Anyone can read your blog and forum posts, so don’t post personal information that could be used to impersonate you, and don’t post information about where you’ll be at a particular time. When using social media sites like Facebook and Google+, make sure that personal information is only viewable by people you know and trust.

For this and other information about information security see our Security Handbook.

Check Your Print Credit Online

Did you know that student print account balances are updated 24 hours after registration or 15 minutes after purchasing print points? You can check your print balance online at any time and review your transaction history. You can also access your account balance in MyNewSchool.

Spring Break Lab Hours


For the week of Spring Break, Monday March 23, 2015 - Sunday March 29, 2015, lab hours will be reduced. For details of open lab hours at specific locations you may view the Lab Hours page on our website. Please plan accordingly.

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