• Selection Criteria

    Successful applicants to the Venture Lab will not only present an innovative way of addressing a critical social, economic, or environmental issue, but also explain why their team has what it takes to succeed. We believe strong teams are composed of individuals who share a vision and have complementary strengths. For this reason, we look at both the team composition and the venture concept.

    Please review the Application Guidelines (PDF) before you apply.


    Entrepreneurial Vision and Passion

    In what ways have you inspired others with your vision and attracted resources to your team? Why do you care about the issue you have identified, and how long have you been working to address this challenge?

    Resilience and Growth Mindset

    In what ways have you learned from past experiences or changed your mind while developing your venture? Please share an example of an obstacle you have overcome as a team or a conflict you have navigated effectively.

    Ability to Collaborate and Build a Team

    What makes your team qualified to address the issue you have identified? How long have you worked together? What are the strengths and roles of the members on the team?

    Venture Concept

    Understanding of the Issue

        Tell us how you have identified an unmet need of a particular community. What insight have you gained through direct engagement with your target customer? To what extent does this unmet need represent a significant societal challenge?

          Social Impact 

          In what ways will your venture address the challenge you have identified? What indicators or metrics might you use to track the social impact of your venture? In what ways might your venture achieve transformative change or scalable impact?


          What evidence can you provide of a potential market for the product or service you are developing? In what ways do you envision that your venture will become financially sustainable and/or receive financial support from donors or investors?