• Wellness Program

    The New School provides employees with a variety of resources to keep them in good health and help them make healthy choices. The Wellness Program is designed to give new motivation and support for incorporating healthy behaviors into our lives or maintaining current healthy behaviors. We hope this initiative will decrease work time lost due to illness and lessen the increasing financial burden of our health insurance.

    We understand that this won't happen overnight. The program will unfold over the next few years. In each year, there will be rewards for completing the requested tasks. 


    Enrolled spouses and partners can participate for a $100 reward!

    The online health survey is now administered through Rally (still brought to you by United Healthcare) and includes action steps (called Missions), interactive challenges and the ability to earn coins to be used to enter sweepstakes (you could win a Kindle!). You can also connect with consumer wearables like FitBit and Jawbone to enhance your experience. 


    Employees who participate for the first time can earn a $250 reward. If you successfully participated last time around, great job!  Do it again and you can earn a $100 reward. Participating employees will have a chance to win an iPad mini!

    Email BenefitsHelp@newschool.edu or call 212.229.5671 x4942 if you have any questions.

  • How to Participate

    The first steps toward a healthier life are knowing and understanding your personal health risk factors and establishing some health goals. 

    1. Get a Preventive Care/Wellness Exam

      Visit your primary care physician or family practitioner for routine "well" services (including biometric screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol, height, and weight). Make sure your provider codes the claim correctly as a preventive care/wellness exam and submits the claim for this visit through your New School medical carrier, UnitedHealthcare (UHC).

      UHC will notify Human Resources that you had a preventive care exam. UHC will not share any other information about the exam, which your doctor must keep confidential.


      Under our UHC policy, preventive care/wellness services are free when you visit an in-network physician. There is no copay.

    2. Complete a Confidential Online Health Survey

      Log in to your UnitedHealthcare account at www.myuhc.com (or set up your UHC account if you haven't already done so). Click on the "Rally Health Survey" on the home page. Create your Rally log-in and password, and select a profile image and user name. The health survey is a personalized, strictly confidential, user-friendly digital experience that will engage you in a new way by using technology, gaming, and social media to help you understand and learn and support you on your health journey. It takes approximately ten minutes to complete. The first thing you'll learn is your Rally Health Age, which tells you how your body is feeling right now. UHC will notify Human Resources that you completed the health survey. Rally is legally not permitted to share your responses or results with The New School. This information will remain completely confidential. Read more about the health survey and the Rally interactive experience here (PDF).

      Complete these two tasks between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017, and your $100 or $250 reward, plus your spouse/partner's $100 reward (if applicable), will be in your paycheck and you'll have a chance to win an iPad mini through the New School.

      Participation is voluntary. Your personal health information is confidential and will never be shared with The New School. There is no consequence for not participating. If you have already had a wellness exam ("physical") or taken UHC's health survey (either Rally or the prior health risk assessment) at any time since January 1, 2017, UHC will notify Human Resources and you will have qualified for the reward.

      It's that simple.

    Qualifications and Disclaimers

    • The Wellness Program is offered to full-time faculty and administrative staff who are enrolled on a New School medical plan through UnitedHealthcare. Enrolled spouses and qualified domestic partners of full-time faculty and administrative staff are also eligible.
    • For the purpose of this program, "preventive care" is defined as medical services only (excluding dental, vision, or prescription drug).
    • Preventive services that are submitted through a plan other than through your New School medical plan with UnitedHealthcare will not qualify you for the reward.
    • If your physician does not submit the claim for your visit to UHC as a "preventive care service" (with the appropriate procedure codes), your visit will not qualify you for the reward. Make sure your doctor's staff submits the bill properly coded.
    • You must complete the health survey in its entirety. Partial completion will not qualify you for the reward.
    • You must complete both tasks by the December 31 deadline. There will be no partial rewards for completing just one task.
    • The reward is taxable income, but it will not be considered part of your salary for retirement plan contributions.
    • You must be an employee at the time that the reward is paid.
    • The initial rewards payments will be distributed to employees' paychecks in February 2018. However, Human Resources will continue to track and pay the $100 or $250 as preventive care service claims and health surveys are processed by UHC. For example, if you have your preventive care exam on December 20 and your doctor does not submit a claim to UHC until March 2, we will still honor your completion of the task and reward you in a subsequent paycheck.
    • Eligible employees who successfully complete the two tasks will be entered into a lottery to win an iPad mini. The date of the drawing will be announced.
    • Once you have completed the health survey, action steps or Missions, may be suggested. Missions provide choices that may help improve or maintain your health. You are not required to take the recommended next steps and we will not track your participation, but please consider doing so. This is for your benefit. The same goes for the online challenges.
    • If you completed the health risk assessment on myuhc.com prior to UHC's transition to the Rally Health Survey, you are not required to complete it again. However, you can complete the new Rally survey also, if you'd like. 
    • Sweepstakes offered through the Rally Health Survey are completely independent of the New School's cash reward and lottery for the iPad mini.
    • Participation in the health survey is strictly voluntary. Any health information collected as part of the survey will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable law. Your health information may be used for health and wellness recommendations or for treatment, payment or health care operations, and will not be shared with The New School. You can find information about Rally at the bottom of the Rally home page when you log in to myuhc.com.  

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