• Sexual Harassment Training

    The university provides online sexual harassment training software by New Media Learning called "Preventing Sexual Harassment." This online program is comprehensive and user-friendly.

    The entire training program can be completed in 60 minutes. The New Media website gives clear instructions for completing the training program; lists an email address for Human Resources, to which questions and concerns can be emailed in confidence; and contains copies of all relevant university policies and procedures. Upon completion of the program, a Certificate of Completion is issued and the results (pass/fail) are mailed to Human Resources for filing.

    Any additional questions related to the software should be directed to Keila Tennent, associate general counsel, at x4934.

    Revision of the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policies and Procedures

    More information on our policies on sexual harassment and discrimination are posted here; they can also be accessed in the Institutional Policies and Procedures Manual, available in the HR box of the Employee tab at my.newschool.edu.

    The Office of Human Resources and Office of Student Affairs have well-trained and experienced professionals in the management of situations that may give rise to claims of discrimination as well as the swift review and resolution of formal discrimination claims once they are presented.

    Please contact Human Resources at 212.229.5671 if you have any questions regarding the revised sexual discrimination policies and procedures.