• Benefits Open Enrollment - Part-time Faculty, Local 7902

    The 2018 Open Enrollment period begins on Monday, 11/6/17 and ends on Monday, 11/20/17. During this period you have the opportunity to:

    • Make changes to your health care plan and dental care plan coverage
    • Enroll in a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for calendar year 2018

    The elections you make during the Open Enrollment period will become effective on January 1, 2018.

    Here's What to Do

    1. Review all of the information on this webpage
    2. Review your current benefit elections and costs in MyDay . Type myday.newschool.edu into your browser and log in with your regular user name and password. Click on the Benefits worklet (circle). Under View, select Benefit Elections. Download this into excel or print a pdf for your records.
    3. Decide if you want to make any changes and/or enroll in a Flexible Spending Account for 2018
    4. Review this guide for assistance on how to navigate the MyDay Open Enrollment Benefit Event.

    Note: Qualified Transportation Expense (QTE) and Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) Retirement Plan changes can be made outside of the Open Enrollment Benefit Event (refer to the appropriate section below).

  • What's Changing in 2018

    UnitedHealthcare (along with Optum Rx and UnitedHealthcare Vision), Delta Dental, EBPA and TIAA will continue to administer New School benefit plans in 2018.

    Health Care Plan Contributions

    The university and enrolled employees share in the cost of the health care plan, with the university covering close to 80% of the cost of our plan. Next year, beginning on January 1, part-time faculty contributions for health care will increase by 2.2%. We encourage you to review the 2018 Contribution Chart for employee and university costs.

    See the 2018 Health Care and Dental Care Contributions section below for 2018 employee and university premiums, including the separate contribution charts if you choose to cover a domestic partner.

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Change

    Per the IRS, the amount that you can contribute to your Healthcare Flexible Spending Account will increase to $2,650 effective January 1, 2018 (up from $2,600). There will be no change to the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account maximum (which is $5,000).

    Enrollment Process: What You Need To Do

    We've created this guide to you help navigate the MyDay system and manage your Open Enrollment elections.

    To access your Open Enrollment Benefit Event, log into MyDay and click on the Inbox worklet (circle). Locate the Open Enrollment Benefit Event and carefully follow the help text on each screen.  The Benefits Open Enrollment period will end on Monday, November 20.

    You do not need to do take any action if:

    • You do not want to make a change to your current health care election, and
    • You do not want to make a change to your current dental care election, and
    • You do not want to make a 2018 Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account election

    Health Care and Dental Care Plans

    Health Care Plans

    There will be no changes to the medical, prescription drug or vision plans in terms of what is covered and the amounts that members pay for services for January 1, 2018.  This means that copayments, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and the types of services covered will remain the same as they are in 2017.

      Review this Summary of Benefits and Coverage for the Choice EPO Plan for more details about this plan. (Paper copies are also available by contacting Human Resources.)

       Finding Participating (In-Network) Providers

      Enrollees in the Choice EPO plan must obtain health care services from in-network providers. To find in-network providers go to www.myuhc.com, click on "find physician, laboratory or facility" under Links and Tools.  Then click on "All UnitedHealthcare Plans". To find providers in the Choice EPO Plan, select "Choice".

      Prescription Drug Coverage

      • View the 2018 Advantage Prescription Drug List to determine the cost of a the most common medications.
      • Under the Optum Rx Progression Rx program, some prescriptions require that you try a "Step 1" medication before a "Step 2" medication will be covered. Refer to Progression Rx – Step Therapy Programlist to view the names of these medications and details about this plan feature.
      • The Specialty Pharmacy Program must be used by members with rare or complex medical conditions who require specialty medications (described in flyer). If you have an existing (active) specialty medication prescription with Optum Rx it will remain on file and you will not need to obtain a new one.

      Vision Plan Coverage

      As a reminder, UnitedHealthcare enrollees will automatically be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan at no additional cost. (You must be enrolled in the health care plan to receive vision plan benefits; there is no option to enroll separately.) The plan allows you to receive routine vision services either from participating (in-network) vision providers or from providers who do not participate in the UHC vision network (out-of-network). To search for in-network providers, go to www.myuhcvision.com and log in using your UnitedHealthcare member ID number. You should also print your vision care member ID card once you're logged in; you will present the card at the time you receive routine vision services.

      The Vision Care Plan covers an examination and new lenses (contact and glasses) every 12 months and new frames every 24 months. Review the Summary Plan Description and Plan Summary for coverage details. Call United Healthcare Vision at 800.638.3120 for additional information.

      Dental Plan Coverage

      There will be no benefit changes to the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Plan and the DeltaCare USA DHMO plans for 2018. If you wish to enroll in the Delta Dental PPO or make a change to your current dental elections, you must do so via the MyDay system.  For additional information please go to the dental care page of the New School's benefits website.

      2018 Health Plan and Dental Plan Contributions

      Total contributions for health care (shared between faculty, staff and the university) will increase effective January 1, 2018 as a result of the renewal.  Part time faculty contributions will increase by 2.2% and dental care contributions will remain the same.  Refer to the  2018 Health Care and Dental Care Plan Contribution Chart  if you will be covering a yourself, a spouse and/or child(ren).  

      If you will be covering yourself and a domestic partner, view the  2018 Domestic Partner Only Imputed Income Chart to determine the taxation related to this coverage.  If you will be covering yourself, a domestic partner, and a child(ren), view the 2018 Domestic Partner and Child(ren) Imputed Income Chart to determine the taxation related to this coverage.

      Contributions are withheld from your monthly paychecks over the course of the Academic Year (September through June). If you do not receive a paycheck in any month or do not receive enough pay to cover your monthly contributions, the amount of contributions withheld from another paycheck (or paychecks) will be increased so that your premium will be paid to the fullest extent feasible through deductions from your pay during the Academic Year (September through June). In addition, failure to make premium payments will result in termination of coverage (health and/or dental) effective the last day of the month for which the required contribution was made. 

      Flexible Spending Account

      If you wish to participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2018 you MUST take action.  Your 2017 elections will not carryover into 2018.

      In late 2013, the IRS released new health care flexible spending account rules permitting employers to allow plan participants to rollover up to $500 of the unused FSA contribution from one year to the next, reducing the amount subject to "lose it" rules. The New School does allow this type of rollover.  Therefore, up to $500 of unused 2017 health care FSA funds (not dependent care FSA funds, per the IRS) can be used in calendar year 2018. Please consider this when making your 2018 election.

      In order to set aside pre-tax FSA money from your pay in 2018, you will still be required to elect a goal amount for 2018 in MyDay (locate the Open Enrollment Benefit Event via the Inbox worklet (circle).

      The maximum amount that you can set aside from your pay into a Health Care FSA will increase to $2,650, and the maximum for Dependent Care FSA will remain at $5,000.

      For information on Health Care and Dependent Care FSAs, go to the FSA page of the New School's benefits website.

      Qualified Transportation Expense and Tax Deferred Annuity


       It was recently announced that the maximum monthly amounts that you can contribute into your pre-tax transit and pre-tax parking accounts will increase on January 1, 2018 to $260 for each plan.  If you currently participate, your 2017 elections will continue into 2018.  You may enroll or make changes at any time during the year by initiating a Benefit Event in MyDay.  We've created this guide for Changing Your Transit and Parking Amounts to help you navigate MyDay.   Use the event date of 01/01/2018 to increase your contributions for January.

      For additional information regarding these plans, visit the Qualified Transportation Expense page on our website


       You can choose to contribute a percentage of your base annual salary or a flat dollar amount per paycheck. The maximum annual contribution as set by the IRS will increase in 2018 to $18,500. Employees age 50 and older (and those who will attain age 50 by December 31) are eligible to contribute an additional $6,000 annually, as set by the IRS (referred to as the "Age 50+ Catch-Up"). 

       Your current elections will continue in 2018 but if you'd like to increase or change your contributions, you can do so by initiating a Benefit Event in MyDay.   We've created this guide for Changing Your Retirement Savings Amounts to help you navigate MyDay.   Use the event date of 01/01/2018 to change your contributions for January.

       For additional information regarding these plans, visit the Retirement Plan page. 

      Required Notices

      As required by law, The New School must provide  certain notices to employees on an annual basis.