• Foundations

    Foundation giving is one of the critical areas that we oversee in The New School’s Institutional Giving area. The Institutional Giving team develops partnerships between generous foundations and the university’s world-class faculty. In addition, we monitor performance and reporting for The New School’s portfolio of private foundation funders.

    Grants and gifts from private foundations help sustain the vitality of The New School and its individual divisions. Each year, the university benefits from the support of more than 50 private foundations. 

    This funding supports the university’s priorities

    • Offering financial support to students
    • Enriching academic programs
    • Acquiring state-of-the-art teaching tools
    • Enhancing campus resources
    • Hosting world-class public programs
    • Launching research centers and special initiatives
    • Implementing field-based learning programs in New York City and abroad

    In this section, you can learn more about The New School’s fundraising priorities, see our list of foundation partners, and read about recent grants. For more information, contact a member of the Institutional Giving team.

    Note to the New School Faculty

    The Institutional Giving team provides support to members of the faculty who seek funding
    for academic priorities and special initiatives at the university.

    More information about institutional grants and fundraising is available here.