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    Who does the Office of the General Counsel represent?

    We provide advice, counsel, and representation to The New School. The New School is one legal entity which is comprised of eight divisions and numerous administrative departments. The attorneys in the OGC advise the trustees, officers, faculty and staff of the university on a variety of legal issues.

    Where is the Office of the General Counsel located?

    We are located at 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 805. We can be reached by phone at 212.229.5432 or by fax at 212.807.1913. Or you can email us at OGC@newschool.edu.

    Who has the authority to sign university documents?

    Generally, only the senior managers of the university (president, provost, executive vice president, deans and officers) have the authority to sign documents after they have been carefully reviewed by the OGC. If there is a question about who may sign a particular document, contact your respective dean or vice president or contact OGC.

    If I am served a summons regarding a university matter, who should I contact?

    You should decline to accept service and direct the service processor to the OGC. The university's lawyers are the designated authorized agents to accept all legal documents. 

    Who can request a legal opinion?

    Officers and managers are encouraged to raise all potential legal issues or concerns with the university attorneys.

    Where do I go when I believe a faculty member or student is violating rules and regulations of the University?

    You should bring those complaints to OGC. The office will refer the matter to the appropriate office or handle it directly.

    Where can I go to report allegations of misconduct?

    Employees who want to anonymously report what they believe is unlawful or unethical behavior are encouraged to report those concerns to the OGC. Oftentimes, anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate because the person reporting the concern may not provide enough facts and supporting information and is not available for follow-up questions. As such, OGC encourages those wishing to report misconduct to meet with an OGC attorney and this office will maintain the confidential nature of the meeting to the maximum extent allowable by law. Employees choosing to make anonymous reports should provide as much pertinent information as possible regarding the conduct that they find problematic and the reason(s) the reporter feels the conduct is unethical and/or illegal.

    If reporting allegations, is the information provided to the OGC confidential?

    No. While information given to the university's attorneys may have some legal protection, it may be necessary to disclose such information as part of the attorneys' duty to appropriately represent the university and its interests. 

    Can I retain outside counsel for a university matter?

    No. Only the OGC is authorized to retain outside counsel. If you should feel you need outside counsel representation, please contact us and we will determine if retaining outside counsel is appropriate. 

    Can I receive legal representation as a student, faculty or administrative staff member?

    The decision on whether to provide legal counsel to a member of the university community rests with the general counsel. Generally, OGC does not provide counsel to individuals to bring action against third parties. And, while each decision is dependent upon the particular facts in a given situation, representation of individuals (students, faculty or staff) is dependent upon whether the individual being sued was conducting his/her self consistent with his/her assigned duties or at the request of a University officer. In instances where a decision is made to represent an individual, that person will either be assigned counsel or authorized to retain counsel of his/her choice.

    Can I, as an individual faculty member or student, receive legal advice on non-university matters?

    No. The OGC is counsel to the university. Any advice on non-university matters is beyond the scope of its duties.

    Where can I get a copy of the Conflicts of Interest Policy?

    A copy of the conflicts of interest policy (PDF) is located on page nineteen (19) of The institutional policies and procedures manual. You can read a copy of this document if you sign in to your “My NewSchool” account. Once you sign in, click on the employee tab. You can download the institutional policies and procedures manual as well as other important university policies under the box for human resources.

    Does the OGC provide Notary Services?

    Yes, please call the office at x5432 to arrange for a notary to sign your document(s). Please provide a governmental form of identification that contains your photo and signature. A New School ID is not sufficient. By law, a government issued ID is required.