Revisiting the AIDS Crisis - Time is Not A Line: A public conversation around the anxiety of knowing, forgetting, history and living

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Inspired by the current cultural production around HIV/AIDS and the early response, this public conversation, will provide a forum for those engaged in counter culture and queer world making. The afternoon event is a chance to collectively reckon with historical legacies and the present moment in pursuit of progressive futures. Issues around being overwhelmed, "feeling backward', identifying with the dead, archive activism, trans politics, and "ongoing AIDS" will be explored. Refreshments will be served. Hosted by Pato Hebert and Ted Kerr.

This event is part of a full weekend of discussion and film screenings:

Revisiting the AIDS Crisis and the Ongoing Epidemic
Health Challenges for the 21st Century

The series' goal is to explore and discuss health and wellness topics that impact our lives, communities, and world. Each activity within the series is designed to foster critical thinking and brainstorms that will seek solutions to real world health concerns. Developed by students and organizations, supportive services and academic  programs, the series by its very development is built on a framework of collaboration that promotes interdisciplinary approaches.

Other events in this series include:

Surviving, Uniting, Anger and the Plague: A conversation with directors David France and Jim Hubbard
Saturday, March 9, 2013 11:00 a.m.– 9:00 p.m.
Kellen Auditorium, 66 Fifth Ave at 13th Street, ground floor
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Preceeded by the following screenings in Kellen Auditorium:
11:00 a.m.—The Other City (2010, dir. Susan Koch)
1:30 p.m.—How To Survive a Plague (2012, dir. David France)
4:00 p.m.—United in Anger: A History of ACT UP (2012, dir. Jim Hubbard)

AIDS, Treatment, and Research: A conversation on the latest in epidemiological treatment and research with Colleen Daniels of the Treatment Action Group (TAG)
Monday, March 11, 2013 6:00–8:30 p.m.
Bark Room, 2 W 13th St, ground floor
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Revisiting the AIDS Crisis and the Ongoing Epidemic, Health Challenges for the 21st Century is sponsored by The Department of Natural Science and Math/ Lang; The Global Studies Program; Coming Out in the Developing World (CODW); Wellness and Health Promotion / TNS Students Services; The Social Justice Initiative; Office of Intercultural Support; University Student Center; Thematic Interdisciplinary Programs (TIPS), Visual AIDS, New School for Public Engagement; Civic Engagement Initiatives in Parsons' Dean's Office; and The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) at CUNY Graduate Center.


Lang Café, Eugene Lang Building, 65 West 11th Street, ground floor (enter at 66 West 12th Street)

Free; no tickets or reservations required; seating is first-come first-served

Contact Information:

Please contact Ted Kerr at with any questions.

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