Talking About Learning: Future Scenarios, Reflective Practice and 21st Century Learning

12:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Lisa Grocott, associate professor and dean of Academic Initiatives at the School of Art, Media and Technologies at Parsons, leads this workshop, which builds on a research project that traces a line between reflective practice, 21st century competencies and the formative assessment of cross-curricular learning. The research project centers around a two-part collaborative student exercise. The first part engages students in a future-oriented scenario that challenges participants to think critically and playfully as they frame problems and propose solutions in a collaborative context. The second part comprises a self-reporting exercise where the participants reflect upon skill acquisition with respect to 21st century competencies like collaboration and communication, problem-framing and critical thinking, flexibility and adaptability etc.

The research project was driven by the challenge of assessing 21st century skills in the K12 environment but the pilot scenarios undertaken with Parsons students drew attention to the importance in higher education for carving out a place, within a degree program, for reflecting on the learning that happens beyond the specific outcomes associated with a course or the walls of an institution. The workshop will provide a generative, collaborative space for exploring strategies for integrating critical reflection into our everyday teaching to enhance students understanding of what they believe to be the graduate attributes of his or her New School education.

This workshop is open to New School faculty and staff only.


79 Fifth Avenue, room 1618

Free; seating is limited; reservations required by emailing


Contact Information:

Carolyn Comiskey,, 212-229-8947 x2758


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