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    The Temperament of Space

    Diane Mitchell, Associate Professor, School of Media Studies, The New School
    Marko Gosar, Artist, New York CIty
    Tomas Uribe, MA Media Studies ‘14
    Gry Kivle, MA Media Studies ‘13
    David Wilson, MA Media Studies (2nd year)

    What kind of imagery, movement, sounds, responsiveness, and interactions would make our shared space more energizing?

    The Temperament of Space project develops interactive multimedia installations that aim to offer participants a multi-sensory experience of their real space. The project consists of seven themes, all currently in research and development of projected imagery, animations, performance, physical computing, and soundscapes.

    The premise of our experiments is that more and more individuals are estranged from their surroundings as we conduct more and more of our lives online. We expect more of the digital space that constructs our virtual, mobile experiences; our physical and public spaces often remain featureless, invisible, bare walls. Furthermore the project addresses not only our relationship to space as defined by walls, but also ways our environment might focus one’s mind in the midst of distraction.

    In addition to our ongoing audience research, our next phase of research will be to identify and prototype the stand-alone interactive technologies that could best function in community-based spaces. Our long-term goal is to transform The Temperament of Space project into experiences and methodologies to be shared not only within the New School community, but in local communities, public spaces, and perhaps your own space.

    Alec McClure

    The Ouroboros Circuit

    The Ouroboros Circuit is an artifact that constantly alternates between states of light and dark. Sensing an absence of light, the light appears.  Sensing an abundance of light,  the light becomes unnecessary and is deactivated.  There is no beginning and no end.  Each state is dependent upon the previous one in a constant loop. The speed of the cycles increases until the fluctuations are imperceptible before reversing itself.  

    Ben Miller

    A game currently in development, designed as a throwback to classic Point and Click Adventure games of the LucasArts era, such as Secret of Monkey Island and Full Throttle. It uses the Visionaire Studio 3 engine, and copious amounts of Lua scripting. It is being made by a team of two, myself and Fabraz. I handle the implementation side of things, working in the engine to build all the scenes and interactions, as well as scripting to customize the play experience to our needs. I also handled the implementation of the interactive aspects of the website for the game. 

    Birce Ozkan

    Augmented Skirt

    “Augmented Skirt” is a smart and fashionable piece, which features the technology of a navigational instrument. This augmented skirt gives the user an additional layer of sensing that allows her to find the direction by imitating nature. The garment appropriates the migration method of birds; these are known as being excellent navigators; they have built-in biological compasses to tell them which way to fly based on detecting variations in the earth’s magnetic field.

    Brian Collinsworth

    Brush Painting

    This is a generative simulation of painted cherry blossoms created in openFrameworks. Each "painting" the program creates is unique and created entirely through code. Music credit: "String Quartet, No. 2: III" by Michael Nyman.

    Bryan Ma

    Short excerpts from a real-time algorithmic audio/video work. Uses the top Google image search result for "sky". Part of an ongoing series on structures of computational representations of natural and perceptual phenomena. Made in Processing and Max/MSP.

    Denah Emerson


    Interactive installation of a death chalk outlines used with LED and sensor. Asked to lay face down, there is an awkward position of the participant’s body; becoming the dead body at the scene of a crime. This piece provokes emotions of death and questions regarding the afterlife. 

    Small Talk: Facing myself

    A performative and rhetorical spoken work piece, combining mirrors, video and sound;  it is frustrating social manners with veracity of reply.  With the response of the frequent human question: “How are you?”

    Shiny Hsin-Ning Lee


    Red, stop; green, go. How many life-changing moments can happen during a short wait for the traffic light? This animation piece is inspired by the growing number of teenage suicide over the past few years.

    I would like to express the sense of lost-ness and founding of an adolescent heart. This work was selected as Live2D Creative Award finalists in 2014. Music: HRTa

    Lee Chung-Chang


    Web-based project explores how Asians International feel about their culture. 

    Lucy M. Bonner

    Documentation video of a game-based project that is an immersive experience of street harassment for the oculus rift.

    Regina Flores Mir


    This project is an exploration in the duality between the micro and the macro — particle physics and molecular clouds  — a duality that, while seemingly different, is inherently similar, fractal, reflective and mirrored. Having a background in physics, I spent time thinking of creative ways to visualize the macro and micro-elements of the universe.  Through experiments using the OpenFrameworks platform, I made a series of creative visuals that may prompt us all to reflect on the beauty and unity in the microMARO-cosm.  


    Synergy is a performance piece that sits at the intersection of design, technology, and improvisational-performance. Explorations were made using improvised dance movements, interactions with projected light, and visualizations created in the OpenFrameworks toolkit using a Kinect Sensor. Synergy was filmed in a closed-set at the Alchemical Theatre in New York City on December 5th, 2014. Synergy was enacted by the Synergy Collective, a six-person production team comprised of a creative coder/director, dancer, DJ, videographer, creative consultant, and a general alchemist. The filmed performance piece was then cut into a 2.5 minute short video and presented as the representation of the work. 

    Stephanie Burgess

    Interactive motion sensor game.

    Stephanie Farah

    Transport yourself through sound ! Instead of using traditional headphones - this circle scarf has speakers embedded in it, along with a lilypad MP3 player so you can listen to music/sound through the fabric! 

    Sultanali Barodawala


    Ima is an individual experiential video installation, exploring the consciousness inside a mother’s womb through sensual and spatial stimuli. (Collaboration with the New School for Jazz).

    Credits: Sultanali Barodawala, Sandra Peso & Itamar Shatz.
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    Udit Mahajan

    The Smaller Picture Show

    An audio-visual experience of quantum world through generative music and generatively reconstructed narratives. Drawing a metaphor from quantum world and applying that to structure and reconstruct a narrative, this reconstructed narrative can be replicated by choosing the same set of movies or a completely different set and the result will be different each time.  

    Further Documentation: gensysresearch.tumblr.com