The JDP started working in Vietnam in 2004 with funding from the Ford Foundation, which came to a close in 2010. In 2011, we received a one-year grant from Atlantic Philanthropies. Since we have begun working in Vietnam, we have provided needed scholarly journals to 25 institutions of higher education. Before we began our work in Vietnam, foreign-language journals were rare in university libraries.

In late 2006, the JDP organized its first interlibrary consortium meeting in Hanoi. The focus was on resource sharing through inter-ibrary loan, strategies for increasing usage of scholarly journals at Vietnamese institutions, and the possibility of collectively negotiating lower rates in the purchase of large databases. The meeting also provided workshops to train the JDP network librarians in the use of journal material for research.

To raise awareness and increase use of the journals the JDP provides, the JDP maintains complete up-to-date online lists of subscribed journals both in English and Vietnamese, which link to the table of contents of every issue of every JDP journal received by a library in Vietnam. Below is a current list of the location of each journal in the country. In addition, five subject-area groups of Vietnamese experts were set up to select articles for translation into Vietnamese from the journals received through the JDP. The subject areas are anthropology, architecture and urban planning, arts and humanities, environment, and sociology. The translated articles are compiled yearly by the libraries to form readers.

Vietnamese libraries currently working with JDP (PDF)

JDP journals received in 2011 by each library (PDF)

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