Majid Tavakkoli

Majid Tavakkoli, who was arrested December 7, 2009, after giving a speech at Amir Kamir University. Soon after his arrest, the Iranian new agency FARS published pictures of Majid wearing a chador, a female headscarf, claiming that he had attempted to dress as a woman in order to evade the police, but Human Rights in Iran claim that security officials forced Majid to wear the scarf in order to publicly shame him. This spawned a campaign of Iranian men publishing pictures of themselves on the Internet in the chador, in solidarity with both Majid and the struggle of Iranian women. Majid, who had previously spent 15 months in jail for his student activism, was sentenced in January to eight and half years in prison. His charges include insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting the President, and spreading propaganda against the regime. Amnesty International has warned that he, along with all other imprisoned activists, is at risk of torture.


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Islamic Republic of Iran
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