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Hamid Dabashi

Hamid Dabashi is Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies, Chair of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, and Director of Graduate Studies at the Center for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University. His recent publications include Close Up: Iranian Cinema, Past, Present, and Future (2001).
The End of Islamic Ideology, Vol. 67 No. 2 (Summer 2000)
In the Absence of the Face, Vol. 67 No. 1 (Spring 2000)
It Was in China, Late One Moonless Night, Vol. 70 No. 3 (Fall 2003)

Robert Dahl

Robert Dahl is Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Yale University. His most recent publication is On Democracy (1999).
The Shifting Boundaries of Democratic Governments, Vol. 66 No. 3 (Fall 1999)

Ralf Dahrendorf

Ralf Dahrendorf, formerly Professor of Sociology at the universities of Tubingen and Constance, is now a member of the Commission of the European Communities. His books include Essays in the Theory of Society (1969).
Citizenship and Beyond: The Social Dynamics of an Idea, Vol. 41 No. 4 (Winter 1974)

John Dale

John Dale is Associate Professor of Sociology at George Mason University and author of Free Burma: Transnational Legal Action and Corporate Accountability (2011). His current research examines the impact of the transnational social innovation movement and development of smart cities and social enterprises on institutional transformation.

Smart Transitions? Foreign Investment, Disruptive Technology, and Democratic Reform in Myanmar, Vol. 82 No. 2 (Summer 2015)

Fred Dallmayr

Fred Dallmayr is Dee Chair Professor of Political Theory in the Department of Government at the University of Notre Dame. His works include Hegel: Modernity and Politics (1993) and The Other Heidegger (1993).

Leo Strauss Peregrinus, Vol. 61 No. 4 (Winter 1994)
On Bernhard Waldenfels, Vol. 56 No. 3 (Fall 1989)
Public or Private Freedom? Response to Kateb, Vol. 54 No. 3 (Fall 1987) 
Natural History and Social Evolution: Reflections on Vico's Corsi e Ricorsi, Vol. 43 No. 4 (Winter 1976)

Lew Daly

Lew Daly is Director of the Sustainable Progress Initiative and Senior Fellow at Demos. His books include God’s Economy: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Caring State (2009).
Plural Sovereignty for the Common Good: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Social Question Today, Vol. 80 No. 2 (Summer 2013)

Hubert Damisch

Hubert Damisch is Directeur d'Etudes at L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. His most recent book is Ruptures-Cultures (1976).
Six Notes in the Margin of Meyer Schapiro's Words and Pictures, Vol. 45 No. 1 (Spring 1978)

Coldwell, III, Daniel

Biography not available
The Regulation of Private Enterprises as Public Utilities, Vol. 34 No. 2 (Summer 1967)

E. Valent Daniel

E. Valent Daniel is Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University. He is the author of Fluid Signs: Being a Person in the Tamil Way (1984). His recent publications include Charred Lullabies: Chapters in an Anthropography of Violence (1997).
The Semeiosic Economy of Fear, Vol. 10 No. 4 (Winter 2004)

Arthur C. Danto

Arthur C. Danto is Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University. His most recent book is The Transfiguration of the Commonplace (1981).
The Logical Portrait of the Assassin, Vol. 41 No. 3 (Fall 1974)
On Moral Codes and Modern War, Vol. 45 No. 1 (Spring 1978)
Analytical Philosophy, Vol. 47 No. 4 (Winter 1980)
Outline of a Theory of Sentential States, Vol. 51 No. 4 (Winter 1984)

William Darity

William Darity, Jr. is the Arts and Sciences Professor of Public Policy, Professor of African and African-American Studies and Economics. He is also Director of the Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality.
Jobs Instead of Austerity: A Bold Policy Proposal for Economic Justice, Vol. 80 No. 3 (Fall 2013)

Edward F. D'Arms

No bio available.
"The Classics as Propaganda in Modern Italy (Note)," Vol. 6, No. 4 (Winter 1939)

Lorraine Daston

Lorraine Daston is Director at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and honorary professor at Humboldt University, Berlin. Her work addresses the history of statistics and probability theory, early modern natural knowledge, scientific objectivity, and the cognitive passions. With Peter Galison, she is currently completing a book on 'The Images of Objectivity.'
Scientific Error and the Ethos of Belief, Vol. 72 No. 1 (Spring 2005)

Sheila Greeve Davaney

Sheila Greeve Davaney, Program Officer for Religion at the Ford Foundation, is Harvey H. Potthoff Professor of Christian Theology Emeritus at the Iliff School of Theology. Her books include Pragmatic Historicism: A Theology for the Twenty-First Century (2000).
The Religious-Secular Divide: The U.S Case, Vol. 76 No. 4 (Winter 2009)

John C. David

Biography not available
The American Economy - Its Problems and Prospects [Review of book by Summer H. Slichter], Vol. 16 No. 2 (Summer 1949)

Katie Davis

Katie Davis is a doctoral student and research assistant at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on adolescents' psychosocial development.
When False Representations Ring True (and When They Don't), Vol. 75 No. 4 (Winter 2008)

Amber Day

Amber Day is Assistant Professor of Media and Performance Studies at Bryant University. She is the author of Satire and Dissent: Interventions in Contemporary Political Debate (2011).
Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert Go to Washington: Television Satirists Outside the Box, Vol. 79 No. 1 (Spring 2012)

John Day

John Day is Research Associate at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Lecturer in Economic History at the University of Paris.
Fernand Braudel and the Rise of Capitalism, Vol. 47 No. 3 (Fall 1980)

Lincoln H. Day

Lincoln H. Day, Visiting Fellow in Demography at the Australian National University, is one of the co-authors of the forthcoming Disabled Workers in the Labor Market.
Population Characteristics and World Power {Review Note} Organski, K. and Organski, A.F.K. Population and World Power. Population Perspectives. Red China. [Reviews by Lincoln H. Day], Vol. 30 No. 3 (Fall 1963)

Malathi de Alwis

Malathi de Alwis is Senior Research Fellow at the International Center for Ethnic Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka. A founder of the Women?s Coalition for Peace in Sri Lanka, she is coeditor of Embodied Violence: Communalizing Women's Sexuality in South Asia (with Jayawardena, 1996).
The Changing Role of Women in Sri Lankan Society, Vol. 69 No. 3 (Fall 2002)

Alexandra Délano

Alexandra Délano is Assistant Professor of Global Studies at The New School and co-director of the Zolberg Center on Global Migration. She is the author of Mexico and Its Diaspora in the United States: Policies of Emigration since 1848 (Cambridge University Press, 2011). Her work has been published in Political Geography, Politics and Society, International Migration Review, and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and other journals.
Introduction, Vol. 81 No. 2 (Summer 2014)

Fernando de los Rios

Biography not available
Nazi Infiltration In Ibero-America, Vol. 7 No. 4 (Winter 1940)
Sovereignty and the Coming Peace, Vol. 8 No. 3 (Fall 1940)
Francisco de Vitoria and the International Community, Vol. 14 No. 4 (Winter 1947)
Inter-American Affairs, 1941 [Review of book by Arthur P. Whitaker], Vol. 10 No. 4 (Winter 1943)

Olivier De Schutter

Olivier De Schutter is professor at the University of Louvain (UCL) and visiting professor at Columbia University. Since 2008 he has been the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food.
The Role of Human Rights in Shaping International Regimes, Vol. 79 No. 4 (Winter 2012)

Karl, Jr. de Schweinitz

Biography not available
On the Determinism of the Marxian System, Vol. 28 No. 4 (Winter 1962)
Normative Implications of the New Competition, Vol. 23 No. 3 (Fall 1956)
Free Enterprise and Democracy, Vol. 20 No. 1 (Spring 1953)

Ithiel de Sola Pool

Ithiel De Sola Pool is Professor of Political Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and also holds, among other posts, that of consultant to various corporations and government organizations.
The New Political Science Re-examined: A Symposium--Comment, Vol. 29 No. 2 (Summer 1962)

Nicolas De Torrente

Nicolas De Torrente manages a program to strengthen democracy in Uganda. He worked for 15 years with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, including as Executive Director of MSF in the United States.
The Relevance and Effectiveness of Humanitarian Aid: Reflections About the Relationship Between Providers and Recipients, Vol. 80 No. 2 (Summer 2013)

Hent De Vries

Hent De Vries is Director of the Humanities Center, Professor of Philosophy, and Russ Family Chair in the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. His publications include Minimal Theologies: Critiques of Secular Reason in Adorno and Levinas (2005) and Religion Beyond a Concept (editor, 2008).
A Religious Cannon for Europe? Policy, Education, and the Postsecular Challenge, Vol. 80 No.1 (Spring 2013)

Frans B. M. de Waal

Biography not available
Joint Ventures Require Joint Payoffs: Fairness Among Primates, Vol. 73 No. 2 (Summer 2006)

Jacek Debiec

Jacek Debiec is a psychiatrist and a philosopher, currently at the Center for Neural Science, New York University. Together with Joseph LeDoux and Henry Moss he is the author and editor of The Self: From Soul to Brain (2003).
Fear and the Brain, Vol. 71 No. 4 (Winter 2004)

Befekadu Degefe

Befekadu Degefe was Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at the New School for Social Research from 2008-2010. He has served as a Senior Economic Affairs Officer with the UN Economic Commission for Africa, a Research Fellow at the International Monetary Fund, a consultant to the World Bank, and President of the Ethiopia Economic Association. "Guest Editor’s Introduction: Accountability for Development in Africa.
Guest Editor’s Introduction: Accountability for Development in Africa, Vol. 77, No. 4 (Winter 2011)
Free Inqury beyond Risk: Reporting from the Field, Vol. 76 No. 2 (Summer 2009)

Richard DeHaan

No bio published.
Karl Marx: Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy. [Review of book edited by T. B. Bottomore and Maximilien Rubel], Vol. 73 No. 2 (Summer 1957)

Siegfried Deitz

Biography not available
Menschliche Existenz und Moderne Welt-Ein internationales Symposion zum Selbsverstaendnis des heutigen Menschen. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter & Co., 1967. 2 vols., 810 and 885 pp. Price not indicated. [Review of book edited by Richard Scharz], Vol. 35 No. 2 (Summer 1968)

Alexandra Délano

Alexandra Délano is Assistant Professor of Global Studies at The New School and co-director of the Zolberg Center on Global Migration. She is the author of Mexico and Its Diaspora in the United States: Policies of Emigration since 1848 (2011) and articles in numerous journals.  
Immigrant Integration vs. Transnational Ties? The Role of the Sending State, Vol. 77 No. 1 (Spring 2010)
Introduction, Vol. 81 No. 2 (Summer 2014)

Andrew Delbanco

Andrew Delbanco is Mendelson Family Chair of American studies and Levi Professor in the humanities at Columbia University. Recipient of the 2011 National Humanities Medal, he is the author of many books, including, most recently, College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be (2012).
Introduction, Vol. 79 No. 3 (Fall 2012)

Ralph Della Cava

Ralph Della Cava is Professor of History at Queens College of the City University of New York.
Vatican Policy, 1978-90: An Updated Overview, Vol. 59 No. 1 (Spring 1992)

Patrick J. Deneen

Patrick J. Deneen is Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University. He has published on ancient and American political thought, and is the author of The Odyssey of Political Theory.
The Politics of Hope and Optimism: Rorty, Havel, and the Democratic Faith of John Dewey, Vol. 66 No. 2 (Summer 1999)

Daniel C. Dennett

Biography not available
Animal Consciousness: What Matters and Why, Vol. 62 No. 3 (Fall 1995)

Jacques Derrida

Jacques Derrida Professor at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, is Visiting Professor in the Humanities at Yale. His books in English include Writing and Difference (1978).
Sending: On Representation, Vol. 49 No. 2 (Summer 1982)

Terrence Des Pres

Terrence Des Pres teaches at Colgate University and is the author of The Survivor: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps (1976).
Survivors and the Will to Bear Witness, Vol. 40 No. 4 (Winter 1973)
The Bettelheim Problem, Vol. 47 No. 1 (Spring 1979)

Vincent Descombes

Vincent Descombes is in the philosophy department of the University of Paris--Sorbonne. His most recent book is Modern French Philosophy (1980).
On Speech, Vol. 49 No. 3 (Fall 1982)

Alain Desrosieres

Alain Desrosieres is a member of INSEE, the French national statistical office. He is the author of The Politics of Large Numbers: A History of Statistical Reasoning (1998) and is currently engaged in research about the sociology of statistics, especially their construction and their uses.
How Real Are Statistics? Four Possible Attitudes, Vol. 68 No. 2 (Spring 2001)

Brian Dessureau

Brian Dessureau is a graduate student in psychology at Clark University.
"Babies' Cries: Who's Listening? Who's Being Fooled?," Truth-Telling, Lying and Self-Deception, Vol. 63, No. 3 (Fall 1996)

Felicia J. Deyrup

Felicia . Deyrup is Associate Professor of Economics, Graduate Faculty of the New School. 

Government Support of Industry in American History, Vol. 17 No. 3 (Fall 1950)
The Attack on World Poverty. [Review of book by Andrew Shonfield], Vol. 28 No. 1 (Spring 1961)
The 20th Century Capitalist Revolution. [Review of book by Adolf A Berle Jr.], Vol. 22 No. 3 (Fall 1955)
The Political Economy of Growth. [Review of book by Paul A. Baran], Vol. 25 No. 2 (Summer 1958)
The Age of the Great Depression [Review of book by Dixon Wecter], Vol. 16 No. 3 (Fall 1949)
Backward Economies: The Problem of Partial Development, Vol. 22 No. 4 (Winter 1955)
Contract Production in Underdeveloped Countries--A Problem in Industrial Organization, Vol. 23 No. 2 (Summer 1956)
Limits of Government Activity in Underdeveloped Countries, Vol. 24 No. 2 (Summer 1957) Economic Planning in Underdeveloped Areas: Government and Business. [Review of book by Edward S. Mason], Vol. 26 No. 4 (Winter 1959)
Family Dominance as a Factor in Population Growth of Developing Countries, Vol. 29 No. 2 (Summer 1962)
Social Mobility as a Major Factor in Economic Development, Vol. 34 No. 2 (Summer 1967)
The Crisis of the Middle Class. [Review of book by Henry Grayson], Vol. 24 No. 4 (Winter 1957)
The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It [Review of book by Richard Hofstadter], Vol. 16 No. 1 (Spring 1948)
The Union Pacific Railroad: A Case in Premature Enterprise. [Review of book by Robert William Fogel], Vol. 28 No. 4 (Winter 1961)
The Export Economies: Their Pattern of Development in Historical Perspective. [Review of Book by Jonathan V. Levin], Vol. 28 No. 3 (Fall 1961)
British Planning and Nationalization. [Review of book by Ben W. Lewis], Vol. 20 No. 2 (Summer 1953) The Rise and Fall of Civilization: An Inquiry into the Relationship between Economic Development and Civilization [Review of book by Shepard B. Clough], Vol. 19 No. 1 (Spring 1952)

Thorold J. Deyrup

Thorold J. Deyrup is associated with the law firm of BerIe, Berle, Agee & Land, and has served as a member of the Committee on International Law of the Bar Association of the City of New York.
Executive Agreements under the Bricker Amendment, Vol. 20 No. 4 (Winter 1953) Contract Production in Underdeveloped Countries: A Problem in Industrial Organization, Vol. 23 No. 2 (Summer 1956)

Stanley Diamond

Stanley Diamond is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and the Humanities in the Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, and a member of the Board of Editors of Social Research. He is also editor of Dialectical Anthropology. His most recent works, currently in press, are The Poetics of Anthropology and Return to the River: A Narrative Poem.
(Second) The Rule of Law Versus the Order of Custom, Vol. 51 No. 2 (Summer 1984)
Benjamin Nelson [In Memoriam], Vol. 45 No. 1 (Spring 1978)
Emil Oestereicher 1936-1983 [in memoriam], Vol. 50 No. 4 (Winter 1983)
Dedication [to John R. Everett], Vol. 49 No. 4 (Winter 1982)
Subversive Art, Vol. 49 No. 4 (Winter 1982)
(First) The Rule of Law vs. the Order of Custom, Vol. 38 No. 1 (Spring 1978)

Cora Diamond

Cora Diamond is William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia. Her most recent work is The Realistic Spirit: Wittgenstein, Philosophy, and the Mind(1991).
Section Introduction--SAMENESS & DIFFERENCE, Vol. 62 No. 3 (Fall 1995)

Morris Dickstein

Morris Dickstein is Professor of English and Film at Queens College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. His most recent book is Double Agent: The Critic and Society (1992).
After the Cold War: Culture as Politics, Politics as Culture, Vol. 60 No. 3 (Fall 1993)

Jiri Dienstbier

Jiri Dienstbier a former Communist Party member, is a Charter 77 spokesman and a member of the Committee for the Defense of the Persecuted. He was imprisoned for three years.
"Parallel Polis, or An Independent Society in Central and Eastern Europe: An Inquiry," Vol. 55, No. 2 (Summer 1988)

John P. Diggins

John P. Diggins is Professor of History at the University of California-Irvine. His most recent book is The Bard of Savagery (1975).
Reification and the Cultural Hegemony of Capitalism: The Perspectives of Marx and Veblen, Vol. 44 No. 2 (Summer 1977)
The Socialization of Authority and the Dilemmas of American Liberalism, Vol. 46 No. 3 (Fall 1979)
Thoreau, Marx, and the Riddle of Alienation, Vol. 39 No. 4 (Winter 1972)

Paul DiMaggio

Paul DiMaggio is a tutor and doctoral candidate at Harvard University. With Michael Useem and Paula Brown, he wrote The American Arts Audience(1978).
Cultural Property and Public Policy: Emerging Tensions in Government Support for the Arts, Vol. 45 No. 2 (Summer 1978)

Robert W. Dimand

Biography not available
Part IV: Heilbroner in the History of Economic Thought; Heilbroner and Polanyi: A Shared Vision, Vol. 71 No. 2 (Summer 2004)

Hasia Diner

Hasia Diner is Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and History, Paul S. and Sylvia Steinberg Professor of American Jewish History, and Director of the Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University. Hasia Diner's work has been located at the intersection of American and Jewish history. In a series of project since her first book which explored the ways in which American Jewish engaged with the issues surrounding the condition of black Americans in the early twentieth century through her most recently published book, which examined the ways in which Jews in post-World War II America went about creating a public culture that memorialized the Holocaust. She has been interested on the mutual impact of America and the Jews. She has ventured out from there looking in several books at the histories of other European immigrant groups in the United States and is currently completing a book on global Jewish migrations and the history of Jewish peddling, a project which takes her far afield from the United States. Her books include Hungering for America: Italian, Irish and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002), a nominee for the James Beard Award in the "writing about food" category.
"Introduction," Vol. 81 No. 2 (Summer 2014)

Mikhail Dmitriev

Mikhail Dmitriev is the First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development in Russia.
Russian Labor Market in Transition: Trends, Specific Features, and State Policy, Vol. 64 No. 4 (Winter 1997)

Andre do Toit

Biography not available
Institutionalizing Free Inquiry in Universities during Regime Transitions: The South African Case, Vol. 76 No. 2 (Summer 2009)

Ernest Doblin

Biography not available
The German Profit Stop of 1941, Vol. 9 No. 3 (Fall 1942)

Richard E. Doblin

Richard E. Doblin is founder and president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. His publications include Leary’s Concord Prison Experiment: A 34-Year Follow-up Study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (1998).
"Psychedelics as Catalysts of Insight-Oriented Psychotherapy," Vol. 68, No. 3 (Fall 2001)

Joseph Dobrich

Biography not available
Studies in Federalism. [Review of book by Robert R. Bowie and Carl J. Friedrich], Vol. 22 No. 2 (Summer 1955)
Britain and the United Nations. [National Studies on International Organization: Prepared for the Royal International Peace.] [Review of book by Geofferey L. Goodwin], Vol. 13 No. 2 (Summer 1958)
How Can Europe Survive? [Review of book by Hans F. Sennholz], Vol. 27 No. 1 (Spring 1957)

Michele Le Doeuff

Michele Le Doeuff teaches philosophy at the Ecole Normale Superieure at Fontenay. He is author of L'Imaginaire philosophique (1980).
Utopias: Scholarly, Vol. 49 No. 2 (Summer 1982)

Virginia R. Dominguez

Virginia R. Dominguez is Co-Director of the International Forum for US Studies and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa. Her most recent published works include From Beijing to Port Moresby: The Policies of National Identity in Cultural Policies (Gordon and Breach: 1998), and The Racialist Politics of Concepts, Or is it the Racialist Concepts of Politics published in Ethos (Spring/Summer 1997).
Exporting U.S. Concepts of Race: Are There Limits to the U.S. Model?, Vol. 65 No. 2 (Summer 1998)

Loreto M. Dominguez

Loreto M. Dominguez, Chief of the Division of Economic Reform, Pan American Union, has written numerous studies on problems of international trade and economic development, with special reference to Latin America.
The Process of Balanced Economic Growth, Vol. 21 No. 3 (Fall 1954)

Martin Domke

Biography not available
Der Wandel des internationalen Kartellbegriffs: Amerikanische Kartelldoktrin und World Trade Charter [Review of book by Frederick Haussmann], Vol. 15 No. 4 (Winter 1948)

Merlin Donald

Merlin Donald is Professor of Psychology at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, and author of Origins of the Modern Mind (1991).
Human Cognitive Evolution: What We Were, What We Are Becoming, Vol. 60 No. 1 (Spring 1993)

Wendy Doniger

Wendy Doniger is Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Her numerous publications include The Hindus: An Alternative History (2009).
God’s Body, or, The Lingam Made Flesh: Conflicts over the Representation of the Sexual Body of the Hindu God Shiva, Vol. 78, No. 2 (Summer 2011)
From Kama to Karma: The Resurgence of Puritanism in Contemporary India, Vol. 78, No. 1 (Spring 2011)
The Methodology of Masquerading Animals, or, Bestiality, Vol. 71 No. 3 (Fall 2004)
The Symbolism of Black and White Babies in the Myth of Parental Impression, Vol. 70 No. 1 (Spring 2003) - check link
The Mythology of the Face-lift, Vol. 67 No. 1 (Spring 2000)
Eating Karma, In Classical South Asian Texts, Vol. 66 No. 1 (Spring 1999)
Sex, Lies and Tall Tales, Vol. 63 No. 3 (Fall 1996)
The Mythology of Masquerading Animals, or, Bestial Myths: Religious Constructions of Relationships Between Humans and Animals, Vol. 62 No. 3 (Fall 1995)

Strachan Donnelley

Strachan Donnelley, Director of the Humans and Nature Program at the Hastings Center, is the author of Wolves and Human Communities (coeditor with Sharpe and Norton, 2000), and the article 'Human Nature, Views of' in the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (1998). His current project is entitled Ideas of Humans and Nature.
Nature, Freedom, and Responsibility: Ernst Mayr and Isaiah Berlin, Vol. 67 No. 4 (Winter 2000)
Hans Jonas, the Philosophy of Nature, and the Ethics of Responsibility, Vol. 56 No. 3 (Fall 1989)

John J. Donohue III

John J. Donohue III is the Leighton Homer Surbeck Professor of Law at Yale University. His recent major articles include 'Uses and Abuses of Empirical Evidence in the Death Penalty Debate' (with Wolfers, 2005), and 'The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime' (with Levitt, 2001).
Economic Models of Crime and Punishment, Vol. 74 No. 2 (Summer 2007)

Mary Douglas

Mary Douglas taught anthropology at the University of London, Northwestern University, and Princeton. Her most recent book is How Institutions Think (1986).
The Idea of a Home: A Kind of Space, Vol. 58 No. 1 (Spring 1991)

William O. Douglas

William O. Douglas is Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
America's Power of Ideals, Vol. 19 No. 3 (Fall 1952)

John Aubrey Douglass

John Aubrey Dougalss is senior research fellow for public policy and higher education at the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the founder and head of the Student Experience in the Research University Consortium. 

China Futurisms: Research Universities as Leaders or Followers? Vol. 79 No. 2 (Fall 2012). 

William A. Douglass

William A. Douglass directs the Basque Studies Program at the University of Nevada. He is the author of Death in Murelaga and, with Jon Bilbao, of Amerikanuak: Basques in the New World.
"Ethnicity: Strategies of Collective and Individual Impression Management," Vol. 40, No. 2 (Summer 1973)

James R. Doty

James R. Doty is Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine and director of the Center for the Study of Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE).
Social Connection and Compassion: Important Predictors of Health and Well-Being, Vol. 80 No. 2 (Summer 2013)

Mark Dow

Mark Dow is author of American Gulag: Inside US Immigration Prisons (2004). He lectures in English at Hunter College and the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Designed to Punish: Immigrant Detention and Deportation, Vol. 74 No. 2 (Summer 2007)

Anthony Downs

Anthony Downs, when he wrote this paper, was Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of Chicago. At present he is a consultant economist for the Real Estate Research Corporation. In addition to his 1957 book he has written many articles for academic and professional journals.
The Public Interest: Its Meaning in a Democracy, Vol. 29 No. 1 (Spring 1962)

D.V. Dragunskii

D.V. Dragunskii is a contributor to Twenthieth Century and Peace.
"A New Look at Old Wisdom," Vol. 57, No. 2 (Summer 1990)

Theodore Draper

Theodore Draper is a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, and a Fellow of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford, California. His published works include 'Gastonia Revisited,' Social Research, Spring 1971, and a history of American Communism.
Gastonia Revisited, Vol. 38 No. 1 (Spring 1971)
The Specter of Weimar, Vol. 39 No. 2 (Summer 1972)

Hans Peter Dreitzel

Biography not available
Prozesse der Machtbildung Reihe Recht und Staat, Heft 362/363. Tubingen: C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1968. 42 pp. Price not indicated. [Review of book by Heinrich Popitz], Vol. 36 No. 1 (Spring 1969)

Hubert L. Dreyfus

Hubert L. Dreyfus is Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. His books include What Computers Still Can't Do (3rd ed. 1992).
Putting Computers in Their Place, Vol. 53 No. 2 (Summer 1986)
Heidegger's Critique of the Husserl/Searle Account of Intentionality, Vol. 59 No. 4 (Winter 1993)

Stuart E. Dreyfus

Stuart E. Dreyfus is Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California, Berkeley. His most recent book, with Hubert L. Dreyfus, is Mind Over Machine (1986).
"Putting Computers in Their Place," Vol. 53, No. 1 (Spring 1986)

Daniel W. Drezner

Daniel W. Drezner is professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is the author of five books, including Theories of International Politics and Zombies (2011). 

Metaphor of the Living Dead: Or, The Effect of the Zombie Apocalypse on Public Policy Discourse, Vol. 81 no. 4 (Winter 2014) 

Otniel E. Dror

Otniel E. Dror, M.D. and Ph.D., is Lecturer and Head of the History of Medicine Section in the Medical Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This article is part of a larger book project tentatively titled 'The Science of Passion: Modernity and the Study of Emotions.' Recent publications have appeared in Isis (1999) and Configurations (1999).
Counting the Affects: Discoursing in Numbers, Vol. 68 No. 2 (Summer 2001)

Aaron Dubitsky

Biography not available
The Taproot of Soviet Society. [Review of book by Nicholar Vakar], Vol. 29 No. 2 (Summer 1962)
Living with Crisis: The Battle Against Depression and War [Review of book by Fritz Sternberg], Vol. 16 No. 3 (Fall 1949)

James J. Duderstadt

James J. Duderstadt is President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. His interests include nuclear science, science and policy, and higher education. He chairs the Division of Policy and Global Affairs of the National Research Council.
"The Future of the University: A Perspective fromm the Oort Cloud," Vol. 79, No. 3 (Fall 2012)

Jackie Dugard

Jackie Dugard is executive director of the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa and visiting senior fellow at the School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand.
A Rights-Based Examination of Residents' Engagement with Acute Environmental Harm Across Four Sites on South Africa's Witwatersrand Basin, Vol. 79 No. 4 (Winter 2012)

Steven Duke

Biography not available
End the Drug War, Vol. 68 No. 3 (Fall 2001)

John Dupre

John Dupre is a Professor of Philosophy at Birbeck College, University of London, and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. His most recent published work is 'Metaphysical Disorder and Scientific Disunity,' which appeared in The Disunity of Science (Stanford University Press, 1996) He is currently working on a book critiquing reductive explanations of human behavior.
Normal People, Vol. 65 No. 2 (Summer 1998)

Emile Durkheim

Biography not available
Durkheim's Review of Georg Simmel's Philosophie des Geldes, Vol. 46 No. 2 (Summer 1979)

Ratna Dutta

Ratna Dutta is Associate Fellow at the Institute of Economic Growth of the University of Delhi and is well known as a contributor to various Indian political and economic journals. He is currently preparing a study of the social composition of political parties in India.
Two Models of the Pattern Variables Paradigm, Vol. 36 No. 3 (Fall 1969)

Gunter Dux

Biography not available
Anatomie des SS-Staats. Frieburg: Walter, 1965, 2 vol. DM 46. [Review of book by Hans Buchheim, Martin Broszat, Hans Adolf Jacobsen, and Helmut Krausnick], Vol. 25 No. 3 (Fall 1966)

Gerald Dworkin

Gerald Dworkin is Professor and Chairman of the Philosophy Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Behavior Control and Design, Vol. 52 No. 3 (Fall 1985)

Gary Dymski

Gary Dymski is Professor and Chair in Applied Economics at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. He has published extensively on subjects including financial fragility, urban development, credit market discrimination, and the subprime lending crisis.
The Logic and Impossibility of Austerity, Vol. 80 No. 3 (Fall 2013)

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