• Projects

    New School faculty and students are already active in all kinds research related to climate change and urban resilience.


    The Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility, the New School University Student and Faculty Senates, President's Office, and Sustainable Cities Club

    Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP)
    The Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR)  recommends to the University Board of Trustees to divest the endowment from fossil fuel, with which the New School University Faculty and Student Senates  urge the Board of Trustees to comply. In support of the CCAP, the ACIR received permission to make public The New School Divestment Background and Exposure Analyses. The President's Office, Student and Faculty Senates, and the ACIR co-sponsored a university-wide forum on March 19, 2014 (click to see streamed video), producing an FAQ (PDF) on the endowment and fossil fuel divestment. To support this campaign, sign the online petition of the Sustainable Cities Club (#NSdivest). (ongoing)

    Parsons The New School for Design (School of Design Strategies) and The New School for Public Engagement (Julian J. Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs)

    Mapping the Rockaways—a Pilot Vulnerability Project
    This team is developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) vulnerability map of the Rockaways area of New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
    Miguel Robles-Duran, Stephen Metts, Laura Guzmáneloper, Amanda Smart (ongoing)

    The New School for Social Research

    Department of Economics in association with the International Labour Organization

    Towards a Greener Economy: The Social Dimensions
    Daniel Samaan and Unurjargal Nyambuu are involved in an ongoing project with the International Labour Organization.

    The New School for Public Engagement

    Environmental Studies Program working with the Tishman Environment and Design Center

    Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (URBES)
    URBES is a three-year research project funded by BiodivERsA for the purpose of bridging the knowledge gap about links between urbanization, ecosystem support services, and biodiversity.
    Timon McPhearson (2012–2014)

    InVEST natural capital modeling for cities
    Partners with InVEST include Humboldt University, the Stockholm Resilience Center, and Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
    Timon McPhearson (ongoing)

    Parsons The New School for Design

    School of Constructed Environments

    Steeplechase Pier
    In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, LTL Architects was hired by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and the Department of Design and Construction to be part of a collaborative team charged with restoring access to the beaches and was given the challenge of redesigning the iconic Steeplechase Pier in Coney Island which had sustained significant damage during Sandy,
    David J. Lewis, AIA (ongoing)

    Theatrum Mundi/Global Street
    The “new urban forum” of Theatrum Mundi/Global Street was founded by Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen with a mission to “understand what brings life to a city, particularly in its public places....” Sustainability is an important topic.
    Ioanna Theocharopoulou (ongoing)