• Parents

    Preparation for future career success is a primary motive of everyone seeking higher education. The New School is committed to helping every student identify, plan and implement sound career decisions as part of their college education and personal growth. It is the mission of Career Services to support both students and alumni in this aspect of their education.

    Career Services takes a holistic and educational approach to career and life planning through programs and services that bridge self-awareness and knowledge of the world of work. We wish to empower every student to enter the competitive global economy with confidence and competence.

    How Parents Can Help

    You can encourage your son or daughter to make use of the programs and services offered by Career Services. Students who do so throughout their four years at The New School will be better prepared to land good jobs or enter graduate school.

    Also encourage your child to get involved in extracurricular activities, such as student clubs/organizations or volunteering. Students who are active outside the classroom meet more people and gain skills and experiences that will serve them well when they begin their working lives.

    Questions Parents Ask

    What kinds of services, resources, and programs do you offer?

    • Individual career counseling
    • Personality and skills assessment testing
    • Access to student jobs and internships
    • Résumé writing workshops and reviews
    • Industry and alumni networking events
    • Career fairs
    • Guidance about graduate schools

    We counsel students about choosing an appropriate major to match their career interests. We offer training in job-search skills and opportunities to network with alumni and potential employers. We have resources to assist students at every stage of development, whether they are looking for a summer job after their first year, looking for an internship to gain experience, or finding the right job opportunity after graduation.

    At what point can students use Career Services?

    Many new students are under the impression that our office is open only to seniors. This is not true. We encourage students from their first year on campus to become familiar with our services and begin working with us to develop the skills they will need for lifelong professional success. Furthermore, after they graduate, they can continue to use our services as members of the New School Alumni Association.

    Who hires New School students?

    Every year, more than 1,000 organizations and companies contact Career Services seeking to recruit New School students.