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  • Independent Study

  • The Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students at The New School offers credit for independent study. Students are allowed to take up to two independent study courses while matriculated in the program. Independent study is an opportunity for a qualified student to explore a subject in greater depth than would be possible in a typical undergraduate course. Independent study is normally arranged between one student and one faculty member, to be completed in a single semester. To qualify for independent study, a student must have earned at least 12 credits in residence at The New School and have a project in mind that both contributes to the student's overall plan of study and does not duplicate existing course offerings. Independent study is normally set up as a three-credit course, which is arranged by the student and faculty member working with the Program Office in conjunction with the faculty member's academic department.

    Application Process

    The student must submit all completed application to the program office at least one week prior to the start of the semester in which the independent study will take place. A student who wishes to pursue independent study should discuss the plan with an academic advisor prior to the fall, spring, or summer registration period. Unless the student has already approached a faculty member to direct the independent study, the advisor may contact the appropriate department chair for preliminary approval and to solicit recommendations for potential instructors. If the advisor and department chair agree, the chair then discusses the student's proposal with an appropriate faculty member. After these arrangements have been made, the student will work with the faculty member and advisor in developing and drafting a proposal. The proposal should state clearly

    • The topic to be studied
    • The issues or problems to be investigated
    • The materials and methods to be used
    • Work to be completed
    • Due dates for deliverables
    • How often the student and instructor will meet
    • How the student's work will be evaluated

    The faculty member and student indicate their agreement by signing the Contract for Independent Study. The proposal must be formally approved by the department chair and Tracyann Williams, director of Academic Affairs for the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students.

    After the paperwork is completed, the course will be set up with the Registrar, and the student can register for the independent study. Tuition for independent study is charged per credit at the same rate as the student's other courses. Independent study is subject to the same add and drop deadlines as other courses.

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