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    Since 2013, dozens of New School faculty members have risen to the "New School Minute" challenge of delivering a fully realized lecture in just 60 seconds. The lectures have covered a broad range of timely topics, including humanitarian design, color theory, information mapping, jazz improvisation, the economics of outsourcing, the rhetoric of race, and the human condition. Taken together, the lectures offer a sense of the depth and scope of the work being done in New School classrooms. 

    Watch New School Minute 2017, which was live-streamed at Alumni Day 2017 on Saturday, May 6.

    New School Minute 2017


    • Pippin Parker, Dean of the School of Drama


    • Cinzia Arruzza, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
      Plato, Trump, and the Tyrant
    • John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management and Director of BBA Strategic Design and Management
      End of Life Doula
    • Huy Bui, MArch '07, Lecturer, Constructed Environments
      Street Seats
    • Doris Chang, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology, and Director of Clinical Training
      Skillful Adaptation in a Chaotic World: What Taoism has to Offer
    • James Fuerst, Assistant Professor of Literary Studies, Chair of Writing, and Co-Chair of Literary Studies
      Dystopian Fiction
    • Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Urban Policy and Health
      400 Years of Inequality: 1619-2019
    • Joseph Grifasi, Faculty Member, Acting
      Death and the Fool by Dario Fo
    • Brendan Griffiths, Assistant Professor of Interaction Design
      More Than Ink / More Than Light
    • Jamer Hunt, Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Design
      Design and the Unknown Unknowns
    • Justin Kantor, Faculty Member, Mannes School of Music
      Serving Art and Alcohol — An Alternative Classical Music Experience
    • William Martin, Faculty Member, School of Jazz
      Rhythmic Harmony
    • Claire Potter, Professor of History
      Historians on Hamilton: A Book About Broadway's Hit Musical
    • Trebor Scholz, Associate Professor of Media and Culture
      An Uber Owned by Its Drivers
    • Luciana Scrutchen, MFA Design and Technology '00, Assistant Professor of Fashion
      Alaska: Intersections of Subsistence, Textiles, Fashion, and Ecological Systems
    • Aliza Shvarts, Lecturer, Fine Arts
      On Sabotage
    • Howard Steele, Professor and Co-Chair, Psychology, and Co-Director, Center for Attachment Research
      Separation Anxiety: The Fundamental Human Fear
    • Ioanna Theocharopoulou, Assistant Professor of Interior Design
      Learning From Cities
    • Gary Vena, Faculty Member, Theater History
      Eugene O'Neill, Everywhere!
    • Mia White, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies 
      Race, Space, and the Wake Work of Our Undercommons
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