• Ernesto Pujol


    Ernesto Pujol is a performance artist and public choreographer with an established social practice. Pujol is known for site-specific, walking performances as collective portraits that reactivate familiar landscapes and emblematic architecture that has become invisible, revealing its psychic underlay. He is interested in silence and the unconscious, in secrets and dreams as vital fragments to understanding and healing history. His slow durational performances serve as ephemeral monuments to unresolved social issues, which can be mourned or reflected about by mainstream audiences. Pujol trained in art, education, humanities, media, psychology, and monasticism. He continues to performe with urban and rural communities worldwide and is the author of numerous published essays.

    Recent Publications:

    "Sited Body, Public Visions: silence, stillness & walking as Performance Practice," published by McNally Jackson, New York.

    Research Interests:

    Performance, Art as Social Practice/Socially Engaged Art, Site-Specific Installation, Performative Writing