Navigation and Information Architecture

There are two primary navigation areas on the template:

Bread-crumbs: which show the site visitor where they are within the structure of the entire New School website. This is similar to a folder path and starts with The New School home page and allows the site visitor to easily navigate to the home page of the section they are in or the university home page.

Left Navigation: this area displays the core content of the section or website in red and optionally portal pages in gray. Portal pages are single pages with links that send the site visitor off to specific pages within the core content of the section or website or to the core content of other New School websites. These links will often be to centralized information such as student services. The core content section of the navigation displays up to three levels of navigation in outline form.

Main level navigation. Site title isn't a link. Second level of navigation. Section being visited is in bold text. Third level of navigation. Sub-heading being visited is bold.