The New School
March 1, 2011

Dear Faculty,

This year, with collaboration between the Provost's Office, the Deans, and your representatives on the Faculty Affairs Committee, we are rolling out a new annual review process for all full-time faculty. As you know, the annual review is an important opportunity for faculty to get feedback on teaching, research/creative practice, and service activities, as well as to articulate plans for the future.

Up until now, some divisions have used online forms and others have relied on hard copy. Effective Spring 2011, we are introducing a university-wide online review form and process that have been developed with significant input from deans, associate deans, and numerous faculty from all of the divisions. This process is intended to make the annual review more consistent and less time-consuming for all. Most of the report will be completed online, and the process will include a face-to-face meeting with your chair or director.

The new annual review form has two components. The first is a self-report form where faculty can provide information on their teaching, research/creative practice, and service activities during the review year. The second component enables reviewers to comment and provide feedback. Taken as a whole, both components provide a focus and an anchor for a conversation between the reviewer and the faculty member under review. The annual review is considered complete once the reviewer and the faculty member under review have had a conversation (or conversations) and agreed on the final document.

Please expect to hear more about the annual review process from your dean or associate dean, and let them know if you have questions at any time about this process.


Bryna Sanger
Deputy Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office of The Provost

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