Senate Members

Academic Year 2014-2015

The New School for Drama (2)
Erica Fae (PTF) (as alternate for Julie Boyd)
Ragnar Freidank (PTF)

Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts (5)
Elaine Abelson
Danielle Goldman
Elaine Savory (Co-Chair)
Jürgen Von Mahs
Jennifer Wilson

Mannes College The New School for Music (3)
Adria Benjamin
Frank Nemhauser (Co-Chair)
Inessa Zartesky (PTF)

The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (2)
Richard Harper
David Lopato (PTF)

The New School for Public Engagement (6)
Anthony Anemone
Margaret Fiore (PTF)
Peter Haratonik
Rachel Heiman
Candy Schulman (PTF)
Marcus Turner

The New School for Social Research (3)
Zed Adams
Banu Bargu
Nicolas Langlitz (as alternate for Christian Proaño-Acosta)

Parsons The New School for Design (9)
Erin Cho
Richard Salcer (PTF)
Earl Scott (PTF)
Luciana Scrutchen
Shane Selzer (PTF)
Carlos Teixeira
Sven Travis (Co-Chair)

David Van Zandt, Ex Officio, President
Tim Marshall, Ex Officio, Provost
Bryna Sanger, Deputy Provost
Heather O'Brien, Executive Assistant for the Provost
Jackie Clark, Provost's Office, Coordinator of Faculty Affairs


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