Executive and Standing Committees

Academic Year 2013-2014

Executive Committee
Ted Byfield, Co-chair (Parsons)
Frank Nemhauser, Co-chair (Mannes) 
Elaine Savory, Co-chair (Lang)

Standing Committees

Academic Affairs (AA) 
Jürgen von Mahs, Interim Chair (Lang)
Julie Boyd (Drama) (PTF)

Dmitri Nikulin (NSSR)
Candy Schulman (NSPE) (PTF)
Luciana Scrutchen (Parsons)
Gina Walker (NSPE)

Learning Environments (LE)
Peter Haratonik, Interim Chair (NSPE)
David Lopato (Jazz) (PTF)
Julia Ott (Lang)
Richard Salcer (Parsons) (PTF)
Sven Travis (Parsons)

Full-Time Faculty Affairs (FA)
Elaine Abelson, Interim Chair (Lang)
Carolyn Berman (NSPE)
Erin Cho (Parsons)
Marcus Turner (NSPE)
Val Vinokur (Lang)

Scholarly Communications (SC)
Chris Stover, Chair (Jazz)
Margaret Fiore (NSPE) (PTF)
Ragnar Freidank (Drama) (PTF)
Marcel Kinsbourne (NSSR)
Earl Scott (Parsons) (PTF)
Inessa Zaretsky (Mannes) (PTF)

Senate Affairs (SA)
Susan Yelavich, Chair (Parsons)
Emily Barnett (Parsons) (PTF)
Adria Benjamin (Mannes)
Shane Selzer (Parsons)

University Faculty Grievance Committee
Julia Foulkes, Chair (NSPE)

Student Senate Liaison

University Budget Committee Liaisons

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