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Course TitleCourse NumberFallSpringSummerUndergradGradDivision/SchoolLiberal ArtsDepartment
19th Century Horror: Demons, Doppelgangers, and the Living Dead NLIT 3859 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
19th Century Russian Literature NLIT 3440 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
A Cultural History of Nutrition and Dieting NFDS 3110 Undergraduate Studies Food Studies
A Visual Diary NPHG 2025 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Abnormal Psychology NPSY 2501 Undergraduate Studies Social Sciences
Acting for Film and Television NACT 3313 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
All About Advertising NMGT 2119 Undergraduate Studies Management and Business
Alternative Food Networks NFDS 3203 Undergraduate Studies Food Studies
America Sings: From Cole Porter to Stephen Sondheim NMUS 3560 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
American Culinary History: From the Erie Canal to the Food Network NFDS 2101 Undergraduate Studies Food Studies
Anatomies of the domestic realm in Paris: drawn histories of the domestic sphere NURB 4100 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
Andersen, Carroll, Wilde, and Rossetti NLIT 3542 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
Anthropology of Sustainability NANT 3647 Undergraduate Studies Social Sciences
Art Diagnosis 1 NCAT 3110 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Art Therapy with Groups NCAT 3102 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Arts and Cultural Marketing: Selling What Makes New York City Interesting NMGT 3115 Undergraduate Studies Management and Business
Arts Management: An Entrepreneurial Approach NMGT 3110 Undergraduate Studies Management and Business
Authors in Exile: Nostalgia, Mourning, and Dissidence in World Literature NLIT 3604 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
Available Light Photography NPHG 3007 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Basic Accounting NMGT 2110 Undergraduate Studies Management and Business
Beginning Drawing NART 1204 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Beginning Painting: Short Course NART 1302 Undergraduate Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Big Data: Consumer Research NMGT 2112 Undergraduate Studies Management and Business
BLACK NATIONALISM: RHETORIC AND REALITY NHIS 3682 Undergraduate Studies Social Sciences
Blogging 1: Your Toolbox NHUM 2411 Undergraduate Studies Humanities
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