Introduction to the Alexander Technique
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: Mannes Extension
Department: Performance
Course Number: XPER 1012
Course Format: Group Lessons
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
This course is a performance-oriented class for people who must use their bodies effectively: musicians, actors, and dancers. The scope of the course lies beyond the release of tension or the re-education of muscular movement, for it improves people's use of themselves in their daily activities. A more efficient coordination is achieved through a dynamic balance of the head, neck, and back, which becomes integral to sitting, standing, walking, bending, and performing. Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English is needed for this small group experiential learning course, which involves movement, performance, observation of self and others, hands on guidance from the instructor, verbal processing and discussion.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Not open to Graduate students.