Design at the Edge: The Ethnography of Design and the Design of Ethnography
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Level: Undergraduate
Division: University-wide Programs
Department: University Lecture Program
Course Number: ULEC 2490
Course Format: Lecture
Location: NYC campus
Permission Required: No
  • Design
  • Anthropology
What does it mean to live a creative life? How do we understand our own originality and how do we present our thinking and creative process to an audience? These questions form the core of this ULEC class. Through our readings, outside speakers and our work together, we are going to explore the nature of our own creativity and develop a series of concepts that allows us to communicate and convince others of the validity of our work. Understanding your practice and being able to present yourself to others has never been more important. Much of our creative work is now social, involving the collaboration of a team of people. We need a language and a literacy of creativity to communicate within groups and organizations. In addition, employers are increasingly assessing potential new hires through portfolio and performance. The course will also focus on creativity and place--especially the city. How do certain cities at certain times promote creativity? Why is Brooklyn so hot? To that goal, a series of exciting designers, creators, curators, artists and innovators will present. They will talk about their work and how they lead their lives as creative people. Work will include the construction of an individual ethnographic journal. You can create it around your senior project or around something else. It can take a number of forms but it must do one thing—reveal your creative process.
Students must register for both the lecture and discussion section of this course.
Course Open to: Degree Students


Open to Undergraduate students.